Aleka Iakovou

Name: Aleka Iakovou
Code Name: Leviathan

Date of Birth: 6/06/86
Place of Birth: Tirnavos, Greece
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 109lbs

Powers: Aleka's powers are of a reptilian nature, she posses a Jacobson's Organ in the lower section of her nasal cavity giving her a heightened sense of smell. She can distinguish individual's scents from one another and with practice, how long ago the individual left a room or location. By breathing through her mouth she can almost "taste" the individual she's smelling. She also has heat sensitive pits which can be seen a two pairs of pin point black dots across her cheekbones on each side of her face. These create a thermal photograph in her mind's eye. In the absence of sight she can still see through the thermal picture. Aleka's saliva produces a neurotoxin, if a victim should ingest this toxin within a few hours they will die. Because of this Aleka has never kissed anyone, nor can she share drinks, cups and silverware with others. Due to her reptilian traits Aleka has one serious requirement...heat. Her body can't thermal regulate like most mammals. She has to be in warm surroundings or else she will die.
Information: Aleka was born in Tirnavos, Greece but when she was three her parents moved to Los Angels, California. There they established a string of restaurants, specializing in Americanized Greek food, they quickly made a name for themselves and were able to provide for Aleka. When Aleka was five she started ballet and it has been her love ever since. She attended private dance classes and workshops for most of her life, but her need to be in constantly warm climates inhibited her career in dance.

Confident and with a temper Aleka fought often with the snotty girls of SoCal. Several months ago she got into a rather nasty fight with one of the more popular girls at her high school, the fight turned from verbal to physical, being out numbered Aleka lost. The girls new about Aleka's obsession with warmth but not why nor the consequences of being deprived of it. After knocking Aleka out they dragged her into the school's oversized freezer. Thinking it would be a humorous awaking for the warmth obsessed girl, plus it would take authority figures longer to find her in such an odd, random location. Aleka spent an hour in the freezer and almost died. When campus police found her, she was pale and blue, they assumed she had been in the freezer much longer then an hour. She was rushed to the hospital and treated for severe hypothermia, not a common aliment in sunny southern California. Aleka's parents pulled her from the high school and had been searching for a new school for her to attended. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was perfect, claiming to specialize in mutant needs they felt their daughter would be taken care of properly and her safety would be assured. The gifted facade worked out well too, claiming it was a private school that would help Aleka become a better dancer was a excellent cover.