Name: Bliss Jenise Hawkins
Codename: Calamity
Nicknames: Hooty McJuggs, Minx
Date of Birth: July 11
Age: 18
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV
Father: Anthony Hawkins (Deceased)
Mother: Jerica Mathison (Deceased)
Siblings: none
Occupation: Student

Physical Description

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135
Hair: light golden blond, shoulder length, changes hairstyle on near-daily basis
Eyes: Green, usually dark depending upon the lighting
Distinguishing Features: Gifted by both genetics and exercise with a body right out of fantasy. Notorious for breasts that have been
deemed perfect by any number of observers. Her nickname of Hooty
McBoobs is well-earned.

Actor/Actress Model: Scarlett Johansson

*Bliss has quit smoking forty seven times, and probably will again.

*She is a writer, having kept a diary of her life for the last few years.

*She's been immersed into movies while at XI, and has become a fan.

*She runs several miles a day along with her usual exercise, enjoying the high from exercise.

*She pours over fashion magazines, but has her own style that is occasionally really strange.

Mutant Power:
Bliss has the ability to alter probabilities, in other words--luck. For the first few years of her life, the power was passive and acted in random fashion. It caused all kinds of odd events, and led to the deaths of her parents and several friends and acquaintances. The power also acted to save her life in any number of circumstances. In recent years, she's gained a measure of control over the alterations.

The alterations have a direct link to her emotional state and will to use the power. She can't alter probabilities of things that are considered impossible, such as making lead into gold. But she could make brand new metal fatigue or cause wild events to happen in her favor. As she gains more focus and training, her power will likely expand in scope and ability.

When she first arrived at XI, Bliss was a world-class bitch. She was selfish, untrusting, and downright mean at times. But over time, she has somewhat mellowed. She still is a bitch at times, but now considers the people at XI her family and is highly protective of them. However, it's still not a good idea to get on her bad side. There is a kind and sweet side to Bliss, but she doesn't like to show
it often as others might think her weak. Others usually think more highly of Bliss than she does herself. She knows she's a danger to others at times, and still blames herself for more than one friend's death under freakish circumstances. That has made it more difficult to crack the armor of attitude she maintains around herself.

Psychological Background: She spent most of her formative years as a runaway, so she is streetwise and wary. The time she spent as a favorite student of Emma Frost shaped that raw girl into a young woman that always put herself first. Every trait, negative or positive, was honed with the goal of making Bliss into a powerful and charismatic leader. It has taken the friendship and affection she has won from her XI classmates to soften some of the sharp edges from her character.

Personality Quirks: Bliss is still selfish and bitchy at times. She can also be a refined lady when the situation calls for it. She enjoys using her looks and sexuality as a weapon for both fun and to gain advantage. She relishes keeping people guessing about her. Her motto is--When they think they have all the answers, change the questions.

Do you really want to mess with me?

In red with the patented Hawkins smirk.

In green with the smirk.

General Background:
Bliss was born in Las Vegas to a blackjack dealer and a feature show dancer. She was lucky to have been born at all, as her mother had taken a serious fall early in the pregnancy. The Hawkins family was far from rich, but they were happy.

When Bliss was six, her father was killed in a freak accident after punishing her. Afterwards, no one could persuade the distraught child that the accident was not her fault. A few months afterwards, Bliss was present when her mother was killed in a accident during a stage show in front of thousands of witnesses.

Thanks to insurance and settlements, Bliss was quite the poor little rich girl. There were no relatives to take her in, so she entered the foster care system. Thanks to certain...fees paid to bureaucrats, the girl was placed in an especially terrible home. Before she could be completely brutalized, Bliss fled after only a few months. Bliss spent years on the road, wandering across the country. She found any number of benefactors along the way, along with a few unsavory types. The longest time she was in one spot was when she was thirteen in Amarillo, Texas. She was unofficially adopted by the staff of a used record store who sent her to school and took care of her. She was there for a year and a half before the place burned down with no survivors other than Bliss.

After that, she made her way cross country until she reached New York City. Her powers were increasing in strength, and she was running out of options. Emma Frost discovered her while she worked as a pot scrubber in a Chinese restaurant. She took the scrawny girl in and began to tailor Bliss into a proper young lady of great power at her disposal. Bliss spent several years at the Frost Academy climbing up the ladder until she was a favorite of Miss Frost. She made excellent use of her time, catching up academically thanks to tutoring.

She was at the top of the food chain at the Academy. The environment was competitive and cutthroat, and she excelled at the things asked of her. She was, however, far from happy. She was in a destructive relationship with another student, and she could see she was being groomed for unpleasant things to come. But she had few options left to her.

One bitter cold Winter night, Bliss was returning from a rave only to discover a young man walking without a coat along the road. That young man was none other than Dairon Goodwinson, a student of the Xavier Academy. Despite her untrusting nature, she picked him up and took him home with her. That started a chain of events that led Bliss to leave XI rather than lose the young man she came to love.

Game History: more to come

Special Notes: more to come

Stalking her prey.

Playful Bliss.

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