Barrington James Cooke

File: Barrington James ‘Jimmy’ Cooke

Name: Barrington James Cooke

Nicknames: B.J., Jimmy, Beatman.


Date of Birth: 5th August 1984

Place of Residence: Various RAF bases, (Germany and UK), recently moved to Blackpool, now enrolled at Xavier Institute, Westchester, New York.

Father: Barrington ‘Barry’ William Cooke

Mother: Elizabeth Dianne Cooke (Prev. McLean)

Brothers: 1, Barrington Tyler Cooke(T-man)

Sisters: 1, Eliza Dionne Cooke (Ellie)

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 feet.

Weight: 10 stone

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: short back and sides: brown.

Overall appearance: Of afro-Caribbean descent, quite lean and rangey-looking although from the broadness of his shoulders I am informed that he should fill out quite well and grow into his limbs. Personality wise, James appears to be very friendly and would rather be friends with everyone than have any enemies, which has contrasted with some of the others students originally. There appears to be no harm in James, for all his lack of control in his powers. James has become a little edgy and withdrawn since the manifestation of his powers… and a rather heart-breaking incident on home soil involving his now ex-girlfriend and his best friends brother.
Mutation: James is possessed of ‘Psionic armour’ at first mistaken for a shield, in a defensive capacity only. However the armour is clearly capable of both offensive and defensive maneuvers and provides additional strength for James as well. Psionic in origin the armour looks like it consists of streamers of multicolored light which MAY be an indication of mental state.

History: James’ ability didn’t manifest properly until he was 16 and unfortunately on holiday in Florida. He had suspected for some time, however, that he was a mutant as, at times of high emotional strain he had noticed a light flickering around his right hand. 

James is the first born son of a teacher and an RAF technician, with a younger brother and sister. Being of mixed race, his Mother is white British, his Father is afro-carribean, James understand quite well, the racial bigotries that assail people, having had first hand experience of it. Enrolled by his strict father into a variety of classes to ‘keep him out of trouble’ James has become proficient at a variety of activities, the most notable being drumming. He also plays the piano at a near professional level and could soon pass as a music teacher despite his young age. Jimmy is also very fit, toned and agile due to his fathers strict training regime. This is due to his fathers wish that James joins the RAF as a pilot, something James father wishes he had achieved himself. James has turned into a very good runner due to this training, preferring the mid to long distance bracket although he has no trouble with sprints. James also attended Gymnastics lessons… something he seems reluctant to admit... perhaps due to a ‘girls do this, boys do that’ attitude sported by much of the young population in James former area of habitation.

James can dance, to an extent, Ballroom and street dancing, but much prefers to play the music than to dance to it.

James academic record isn’t brilliant, it takes him a lot of hard work to achieve decent grades. Funnily enough, he tends to have good grades in things he is interested in…for example, biology… although his interest in microbiology is not taught at his previous schooling level, Mechanics/electronics, probably due to his fathers influence, physical education, unsurprisingly… and much to my surprise, history, more in particular, prehistory and ancient history, especially appertaining to Egypt and the British Isles, and mythology. James interest in Egypt is such that he has taught himself to read hieroglyphics, something he confided in me during our initial academic review. I feel James could potentially achieve higher grades if properly motivated, as his continued A+ in music shows.