NAME: Ben Tilden

CODE NAME: MorFX (Pronounced: Morfex)

Ht: 5'10"

Wt: 170

Hair: dk brown

Eyes: brown

DOB: 11-30-85

Powers: The ability to morph into animal forms. Ben exhibits a good proficiency with his abilities owing to the amount of time he has been using the power (he was only 11 years old when it manifested) prior to his arrival at the Institute. His community was also very receptive to the boy, so he has little of the more common reluctance to display his power with which so many of the more persecuted mutants are afflicted. He is limited to animal forms that he has studied. He is also restricted to the creature's size: Upon arrival to Xavier's school he could not change to any creatures larger than himself. Through study, and power training gained at the Institute, he is able to maintain a slightly larger size than himself. He has also had difficulties maintaining a form if his concentration is disrupted, or if he falls asleep. There has been a few occurrences of his mental awareness degrading to animal levels under conditions of extreme emotional stress. Another unusual aspect of his power is his ability to change organic based clothing into his form, but his inability to do the same with metals, and any synthetic substances.


Ben was born in Seattle Washington, and then raised in a small town about 45 miles East of Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls Washington. His mother works as a clerk at a local grocery store. His father is a bus driver. This small town upbringing had a very unusual effect on Ben's development as a mutant: He was generally accepted by his local society. His ability manifested itself at a very early age (11). Rather than harboring fear and hatred to the young mutant, the small town embraced him. Because the rambunctious young man was frequently using his powers for mischief, and because of concerns for his safety in the community were hunting is a very popular endeavor, friends and relatives of the boy outfitted him with a gold earring. Since the ring was metal, it would stay in place regardless of what form he took.

In High School Ben fell somewhat to the side of the school's social life, spending much of his time with a few friends, his family, or by himself. In 1999 Ben discovered that Professor Xavier was giving a talk in Seattle at U of W. Ben traveled to the big city to attend the speech. While listening to the Professor's lecture on "The Role Of Mutants in America's Society of the 21st Century", Ben decided that he must meet Professor Xavier. His persistence paid off, and he met the head of The Xavier Institute that evening. Ben spent the next 3 months trying to arrange to attend the school in upstate New York. The small town had a Bon Voyage party for Ben during his last night before he left for New York, though Ben joked that it was a Good Riddance party.

Hobbies, Interests, and Studies: From an early age Ben possessed an obsession with the cinema. He collects video tapes and DVDs, as well as studying books on movies and directors. He has several cameras: Still, motion picture, and video that he has taught himself to use, as well as a variety of editing equipment. In order to more effectively use his natural mutant abilities, Ben has also spent considerable time researching animals, focusing mostly on animal biology. Whether these studies have actual effect on Ben's morphing ability, it is hard to say, but it has definitely expanded the variety of creatures he becomes. He is also a fan of NHL hockey, The Vancouver Canucks being his favorite team. He is proficient in skating, hockey, and being from a ski resort area, snow boarding.

Scholastic performance and discipline: Ben is somewhat of an under achiever in his regular studies, however he has demonstrated an effort, and is starting to make some progress. His natural rambunctious ness has caused him to be subjected to numerous minor disciplinary actions. Many times he has been caught in restricted areas, and has been found responsible for several incidents of damage to school property.