Barry Wilcox

Real name:- Barry Wilcox

Code name:- Rumble


D.O.B: 3/15/1984
Place of Birth: Jasper, Indiana
Relatives: Mother -Angela, Father - Charles
Sisters - Carrie, Anne
Criminal Record: None
Grade: 11th
Ethnic: W
Sex: M
School: Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters

Physical Report
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks: Severe scar tissue around the ears.
Complete loss of hearing.
Overall Physical Condition: Good. One oddity is that his body seems designed to adapt without hearing. Excellent vision (20/15), and Barry does not have the severe equilibrium problems that others who suffer the inner ear damage that caused Barry's deafness.

Powers: Barry is able to create a sonic explosion based around him and extending outward in a spherical radius. This explosion can cause concussion damage and auditory distress. Barry seems to have some over the radius of the effect.

Background: Before Barry's power manifested, he could be considered a classic "All-American Boy". A good but not great student, linebacker on the football team, stock boy/cashier for his father's hardware store.

During an exam, Barry's power developed, causing an explosion during class. This explosion caused Barry's loss of hearing and injured several other students. For several months, Barry learned to cope with his deafness and learned to read lips, as well as Sign language.

After spending a few months learning to handle his new condition, Barry was sent to Xavier's school ostensibly to learn to control his power before heading home. It wasn't. His parents, deciding that Barry was a danger to the family (and not wanting a mutant in the family), chose to cut all ties with him.