Full name:    Cameron Reese
Code name:  Brickhouse

Physical Description:

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Long, jet black
Eyes: Ice Blue

Distinguishing Features:  She has always been fit and athletic, this maybe because of her Mutant abilities.  She has as ferocious appetite and loves to eat.  At first glance her blue sapphire colored eyes are and light freckles are certainly the most distinguished physical characteristics other than the perfect athletic form.


*Cam loves to work on anything mechanical.  From Cars to old Refrigerators has had always the knack to fix things.  She picks it up quickly and has had this natural mechanical affinity for years.

*Loves any type of physical sports or athletic hobbies.  Physical contact is always a bonus.

*Considered a tomboy and will never be a girlie girl.  Her outward appearance certainly says otherwise.


Arriving at XI, Cam has developed a cocky attitude.  The fact that she's been put into this school has made her resent her family and most people around her.  It certainly has given her attitude to the point of being over confident and zealous.  The fact is that her own family threw her out to the curb to be picked up by this School of Gift Weirdoes kind of leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

I wouldn't say she's passive aggressive but more like aggressive is certainly a better description.  Perhaps it's the onset of her new found abilities that has caused this attitude change, or the fact she's fed up at being at the end of the proverbial beat stick, who knows?

Before her powers she never thought of herself as a looker, and did little to get noticed, but now that her abilities have given her an almost invulnerable state she has become more self conscious of her appearance. Could be the side effects of her new found abilities? Or the fact that she is for once, enjoying the hell out of them?  But one thing is for sure, last thing she's worried about is what someone else thinks of her.


James Reese (Father/Deceased)
Cassie Reese (Mother/Deceased)
Thomas Reese (Uncle)
Tina Reese (Aunt)
Jennifer Reese (Cousin)

Hometown:     Seattle, Washington, USA
Dating Status:  Single

Power:  Cam has demonstrated superhuman strength, endurance, and formidable resistance to physical injury.  However, the extent and limitations of her abilities have yet to be determined.

Background:    Cam's life has always been a chaotic spiral.  Her parents died in a car crash when she was 8.  It was soon after she moved into her Uncle and Aunts home.

They quite loved the new addition to their home, treating their niece as one of their family.  Despite the resentment from Jenni, her Cousin, Cam quickly picked up working around the family own Garage that her Uncle and Dad use to run.

This caused tension between Cam and Jenni since her Dad obviously favored Cam for this reason.  Cam always was in the Garage learning how to fix cars while Jenni was more worried about what to wear than being a grease monkey. But the jealousy was eating Jenni up, so she decided to get even with the little suck up.

One evening while Cam was working under a lift Jenni thought it would be funny to play around with the hydraulic controls.  Little did she know that because of years of usage the fluid lines had worn down. Jenni's prank turned horribly wrong when the car came crashing down onto Cam.

Screaming, Jenni watched in horror as the car didn't crash into the floor crushing Cam underneath.  It stood still, as Cam was using her strength to hold the vehicle at bay.  With a loud grunt, Cam pushed the vehicle right where Jenni was standing awe struck.

The heavy truck fell towards Jenni where she tumbled backwards only to have it fall upon her legs crushing them instantly.  Meanwhile Tom heard the cries from the office and quickly rushed out to see his niece lift the car off Jenni and into the garage door.  He rushed forward, not hearing the explanations that Cam was speaking.

It happened quickly.  Cam being ignored as her Cousin was quickly rushed by ambulance to the hospital.  They didn't speak to her for a couple of days while Jenni was recovering in the emergency room.  It wasn't a surprise to Cam when her Aunt finally came up to her room.

But she didn't come alone.  With her walked in a tall redhead woman. She smiled softly as Cam gave her a look.  It had been two days since
Cam has had any interaction with anyone.  The woman introduced herself as Jean Grey, a Teacher from Xavier School.

Jenni had told her parents everything.  That Cam freaked out and threw the car at her.  Even if it was an obvious lie, Cam knew all to well
what it meant.  They were assigning her to this school of freaks, where Cam would learn to control her anger and her new found abilities.  Little did anyone know the truth, but for now it didn't matter.

It was a way to leave everything behind and start something new, even if it was only for a short time.  Cam had to figure out where her life was taking her and this was the opportunity to do so.

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