Real name: Coby Tara

Code name: none yet

Height:5 8

Weight:- 150

Hair/eye color: copper brown hair, green eyes

Appearance: athletic and compact

Mutant Ability: able to gather the energies of the universe and of living matter (plants, animals) through touch, then uses that energy to create various forms of shields which minimize or prevent damage to herself (and possibly others as her power grows) For example, a semi-transparent shield which blocks/deflects physical and energy weapons, and a shield in the form of a thorny vine of energy which prevents her from being grabbed.


Scholastic capability:- Attended VPI&SU in Blacksburg, Virginia , obtained a degree in liberal arts (basically undecided her whole scholastic career, yet she excelled in writing and other arts anyway and graduated). Learns very quickly if given the opportunity.


Biography:- Born in a small town in Pennsylvania near the NJ border, moved to NYC for a few years to try to break into the art scene there. Once she saw that you had to know someone to get into the scene, she decided to turn 180 degrees and move to the barrier islands off of NC. She made her living on the islands by creating art from glass, driftwood and other island items to sell to tourists, and by helping to care for the Chincoteague ponies. She rode horses all of her life up until college, and now drives her Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic motorcycle everywhere (the gas mileage is great!). She has a black belt in Shito-Ryu karate, which she practiced on the beaches every day.

She has no family to speak of since her powers manifested themselves.

She discovered that her powers were more tangible than she knew when she and a friend were almost shot during a mugging in NYC; the robber fired a gun at her, and she subconsciously put up a field that deflected the bullet, and then she was able to disable him with her self-defense techniques.


Personality Traits: friendly once she is sure of peoples intentions (but somewhat wary up until then), outgoing in that she will take risks and likes to have a good time. Will do anything for a loyal friend, but has been a loner most of her life because she has discovered that people are too wrapped up in themselves to think of others.