Dairon Goodwinson

Name:- Dairon Goodwinson

Code name:- Synthesis



Born: April 17th, 1985

Manchester, England

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Report filed by Dr. Moira MacTaggert

Dairon’s mutant ability only appeared during the course of this past year. As a result, coming to terms with his abilities is still at best a day to day issue. He has displayed a rebellious streak, more so after confrontation with LIBRUM (see file 210434).

Dairon spent most of his youth on the streets in Manchester. While he had a good family background, there’s an element of the loner in him I’ve not yet determined how to work with. Following an injury at the hands of a mercenary during the assault on Muir Island, he became even more withdrawn, only truly opening up on any level to my ward, Rahne Sinclaire (see file 018023, WOLFSBANE).

As his temper began to flare and his behavior became more solitary, I was made aware of his hatred of isolation. Being something of a free spirit back in Manchester, the solitary nature of Muir Island proved to be a distraction for him, not a blessing.

He has been sent to study with Professor Xavier for the purpose of learning not only more about his abilities, but also to find a way to work past the trauma that has apparently lingered beyond physical healing.

File transferred to Xavier Institute: 22/12/00. -MM


Goodwinson, Dairon

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 168 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Physique: Athletic normal, good development in legs and chest. Excellent cardiovascular shape.

Family Information Available through Moira MacTaggart.

Contact Information recorded in Emergency Files.


Analysis and synthesis of poisons, toxins, and

antidotes within his bloodstream and saliva. Immune

to all known poisons and bacterial diseases as well as high defenses against viral infections. Does not appear to be vulnerable to any type of chemical compounds, including hazardous ingestibles such as mercury or arsenic, though he will still suffer from extreme hot/cold, acid/base, and the like.

A drawback of this power is the inability to countermand pain via conventional medications, such as aspirin or antibiotics.


Dairon is a highly active lad from a good family

background-over the holidays, I was given the

chance to meet with not only his parents, but also his sister and grandfather. Unlike many, if not all of the students at the Academy, Dairon was happy with his life before the onset of his mutation. His mutant ability was concealable, for the most part, from his family, though his family has shown inklings of awareness that something is different about their son. Dairon places a high value on activity, and, as such, has become quick friends with two athletes at the academy, a football player (see WILCOX, Barry) and a skateboarder (see MYERS, Dave) in the formation of the “Bastards”, a name I do not wholly approve of but nonetheless seems to please them. The group has included a fourth student, [see SHAUGNESSEY, Kevin] that Dairon has become something of a best friend to. Due to her athletic nature, I would expect Dairon in time to also befriend [LEAOT, Pia], though no lasting conversations have been struck between the two. Students [BOUDREAUX, Kai] and [TRAINOR, Jacqueline] have become friends through their romantic interests in his roommates, and Dairon has reached out to [CHEVI, Mira] in recent days despite negative rumors surrounding her. Dairon seems to be a somewhat likeable student who has made himself available as a friend to most of the other students here.

There are two areas of concern following Dairon in his education, however: the first being that he is a young man of tremendous passions, so that when he feels something, that feeling is usually very intense. He’s been separated from regular contact with his family now for half a year, and thrust into an environment where trauma makes up a majority of the students’, and teachers’, backgrounds. In addition, during his time on Muir, Dairon grew more aggressive and less obedient. Since his arrival here at the behest of Dr. Moira MacTaggart, I’ve found evidence of psychic trauma, though it has been carefully masked by whoever, or whatever, caused it. Dairon, as a result, suffers from extreme nightmares, and as a result lack of sleep, and often spends time separating himself from the other students to smoke or wander.

The second concern follows another student, [see GRANT, Sheila]. These two have butted heads from the moment they first met, and the anger between the two of them is at exceptionally high levels. Dairon’s thoughts on a cursory scan often have some manner of emotional shift when Sheila enters the room or is mentioned, and it is a genuine concern that the two of them will come to blows. Sheila’s rebellious nature often leads her into conflict with the other students, especially Kevin and the ‘Bastards’, and Dairon, unlike so many of the others, has actually stood up to her, and given the sheer animosity both students have towards each other, I fear a head will soon come that may leave the conflict greater than that which I faced surrounding Logan and Scott. The fact that Sheila has not responded to my attempt to ‘let her progress at her own pace’ at a satisfactory level has already required that new rules be placed and enforced. I fear that it may come at a moment too late, if the passions inside Dairon supercede his otherwise likeable nature and he acts in the moment instead of thinking to the future. As it stands, I will not pair the two up by choice to work together unless it becomes absolutely necessary-I worry that neither would act to save the other in case of danger, and that both might willingly place the other in danger through their hatred of each other. Let us hope that we can discover the root of Dairon’s psychic trauma soon before his passions consume him, and lead him down the path of ruin.


With the purging of David Haller’s influence from his mind, Dairon has begun healing, and his interaction with the other students has improved dramatically. With the introduction of a stable relationship, Dairon has become much more outgoing, friendly, and even displayed what could one day amount to leadership potential. His relationships with teachers, now far less strained, have been strengthened as he strives to prove himself more and more. Power wise, Dairon is potentially the weakest of the students here, but is always near the front of the action. He has improved dramatically from his early days here. -CX

FILED: 01-03-01 (Amended 2-27-01)