Name: Danielle Hunter (Dani to her friends)
Nickname: Singe
Age: 18
Height: 5"5'
Weight: 125
Hair: Red with natural occurring black ends. Hair looks singed.
Eyes: Vibrant Green
Mutant Powers: FireStarter, hurls flame bombs, can control an already burning fire.

Background: Singe was a Ward of the State, until she was given to foster parents that took her in permanently. These parents chose never to adopt her though. Her mutant abilities showed up when she turned 13. A friend's mother had baked her a birthday cake. A boy in attendance at the party began to make fun of her hair in a fit of anger she looked at the cake causing the candles to flair uncontrollably.

Several months later in an argument with her foster parents she hurled a fireball, at the fireplace luckily! From that point on her foster parents ignored her.
Singe is a beautiful girl. She has had several boyfriends, but they never seem to last. She won't admit it but she is afraid to get close to anyone. 

She has gained some semblance of control of her abilities, but when angered or scared, there is a possibility of loosing control.

Two days after her 18 birthday, her foster parents were killed in a car accident. While going through her foster parents papers, she found a letter from the Xavier Institute, claiming that with instruction she can gain control of her "special abilities". The letter date on the letter showed it to have been sent two years ago. There was no phone number on the letter, just an address.

With what little money that she has inherited, and the letter in her pocket, Danielle purchased a bus ticket to Upstate New York in an attempt to attend this institute.

Not knowing if she will be accepted, she banks all she has on this school, hoping that here she may find acceptance.