Full name: Dale Allen Madison 
Code name: Cowboy
Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 130 lbs. 
Age: 17 
Hair: Sandy blonde 
Eyes: Blue
Family: None living. Mother passed away last year 
Hometown: Miller's Cross, Texas 
Dating Status: In a relationship with Ren Leevy

Power: Dale has the ability to influence any electrical of mechanical device via touch. He can influence them in a positive manner (i.e., getting an electrically locked door to open up) or negatively (a camera suddenly 'goes on the fritz')

He has also shown a natural affinity for working on machines and gadgets. While not a pure scientist like Joie, he has shown a talent for working on 'nuts and bolts' engineering.


Background: Dale's power was discovered in his early teens as he started fixing appliances that were broken when he wasn't around them. This attracted the attention of the Massachusetts Academy, and Emma Frost brought him to the city for training. 

While Dale's talent was impressive, he lacked the ruthlessness in attitude the Academy was looking for. The Academy decided to room him with Eric Longfellow (aka Meanstreak), who had the attitude but lacked Dale's responsibility, hoping they rub off on each other. Instead, the two quickly grew to despise the other.

Dale began dating Ren while attending the other school, and during the attack by three rogue Frost Academy students, elected to leave the academy and join the Xavier School. 

Personality: Pretty outgoing and friendly. Miller's Cross, Texas had a population of about 100, and Dale does fit the naive country boy stereotype pretty well. Is absolutely nuts about Ren (his first girlfriend)

Psychological Background: Relatively normal, for a 17 year old.

Personality Quirks: When nervous or upset, his accent grows a lot thicker. Often plays up his 'country bumpkin' persona as a safety net.

Status:  A member of the paX, the New York based team.