Real Name: David Myers
Code Name: Blink

DOB: 3/23/84, Virginia Beach, VA
Parents: Thomas Myers and Rebecca Lynn Myers
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: O-Positive
Ethnic: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Grade: 10
Criminal Record: Vandalism, Petty Theft, Disturbing the Peace, Criminal Mischief, Assault in the First Degree

Distinguishing Marks: None

Overall Physical Condition: Dave's body is shockingly flawless. He possesses full hearing in both ears, perfect 20/20 vision, clear skin, no scars or marks anywhere on his body, and a full range of mobility. Dr. McCoy and I have theorized that this is due to a unique side effect of his mutation (see notes below)
Powers: Dave possesses the ability to teleport himself and any inorganic objects, such as his clothes or a backpack, anywhere within in a range of 50 feet. This teleportation, or 'blinking' as Dave constantly refers to it, appears to be instantaneous and undetectable, done without a sound or without visual cues. He simply vanishes and is instantly where he wants to be. Various tests have shown that Dave's ability applies only to non-living objects, such as books, skateboards, or food. He is capable of multiple blinks in a row, pausing only to take a breath before attempting the next one. Attempts to blink with living matter, such as plant life, have proven ineffective.

Dave's powers manifested themselves when he was thirteen, and his body reflects that. According to Dave, ever since the first time he blinked, he has very rarely had to shave or cut his hair. Tests run by Dr. McCoy have shown that Dave's body 'resets' every time he blinks, back towards the state his body was in the first time he used his power. Dave uses his power without a thought, using it to get to class on time or take dinner for four people up to his roommates. I think that it is this constant use of his gift that has resulted in his current state. His body, despite years of skateboarding and extreme sports, is deprived of the scars, nicks, and cuts that one would normally see on an average teenager's body. Dave has also noticed that he never gets sick anymore, and that he eats a large amount of food everyday and never gains or loses weight. This lends credence to my theory that Dave's body is 'resetting' itself as well as it can.

This leads to several interesting concepts. Dave's body has healed itself of the scars and nicks he received over the years from his activities, and he also has healed quickly from wounds he has received during his stay here. If cut, his hair and nails grow back much quickly. He re-grew a full head of hair overnight after having half burned and shaving off the rest. (CROSS-REFERENCE CONEY ISLAND FILE). At the same time, he didn't heal in the fashion that Logan does. It seems that his body does not totally 'reset' each time he blinks, but instead tries to make its way back to its 'original,' pre-mutation state using whatever materials are available to it. This explains why Dave eats so much and it all disappears the moment he blinks, and it also explains why he needs to take a breath before using his power again. It would also lend to the idea that Dave couldn't simply take a shotgun to the chest and simply blink once to heal.

At the same time, Dave appears to not be aging either. He still looks like he did when he was thirteen, right down to the length of his hair and fingernails. Dave might be Peter Pan, in both attitude and body, in that he might never physically grow up. Mentally, though, his brain retained the knowledge and experience he has gained since his mutation, saving us from having an amnesiac on our hands in every crisis.

Background: Dave Myers was a delinquent from the beginning. His father was a Virginia State Trooper and his mother a Registered Nurse in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With both of them working full-time jobs, despite the authority both commanded, they found Dave slipping away, giving his babysitters a hard time and slipping away from grade school almost from the very first day. Despite the constant struggles between parent and child, Dave never knew abuse or neglect, being lucky enough to come from a loving home.

He spent his days on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, picking up skateboarding at a young age as a combination hobby/sport/mode of transport. When he wasn't in school or skateboarding, he and his friends found themselves getting into trouble, from vandalism to petty theft to the occasional scuffle with other kids his age.

Dave's power manifested a few days after his 13th birthday, when he was running from a group of junior varsity football players. He was trapped in a blind alley, though about being on the other side of the wall...and simply was. He didn't tell anyone about his power, instead using it to pull pranks, get away from those who tried to corner him, and working as a stock boy in a bar, using his power to make it easier to carry beer and dry stock. At the same time, Dave found himself getting into more and more fights, a possible mix of confusion over being a teenager and confusion over being a mutant.

When Dave as 16, he used his power in a brawl between his friends and the same football players he had run from at 13. He ended up putting one of them in the hospital, severely assaulting him to the point that Dave's own father had to arrest him. I heard about Dave when his father, who Dave had just confided in that he was a mutant, called me. I made an arrangement with Dave's father, and through him, Dave; Dave would come to school here, and in return, Dave's father would help keep the police away. Dave surprised both of us by showing up in December.

Ever since his arrival, Dave has been widely accepted. He is roommates with Barry Wilcox, Kevin Shaugnessy, and Dairon Goodwinson, and, according to Logan, close to Jackie Trainor. He is well-liked by the student body. At the same time, the teachers admit that a quick mind is hidden somewhere inside him. He constantly pushes the boundaries of both rules and patience. For example, he somehow always has alcohol hidden somewhere in the house, and even Logan and Remy have had trouble finding it. He also shows fits of impulse and extreme violence. (CROSS REFERENCE CONEY ISLAND; CHRISTMAS EVE)

In the end, Dave has great potential. He is quick witted, thinks on his feet, and it sometimes too quick on his feet. He definitely needs guidance and instruction. Luckily for us, he is always willing to try something new