Name:      Joseph Falcone
Codename:  Copperhead
Team: paX
Date of Birth: August 12
Age:  19 years old
Place of Birth: Ozone Park, Queens, New York 
Mother-Andrea (works in the post office), Father-Mario (auto mechanic), Sister-Carly (age 17, cheerleader), Grandmother-Anna, very working class family. 
Occupation: Student  

Physical Description

Height: 6 feet 
Weight: 200lbs 
Hair:  dark brown
Eyes:  dark brown
Distinguishing Features: Very thick Queens accent

Hobbies/habits:  Excellent cook,  Decent mechanic. Loves martial arts, movies, pulp stories and Joie (not in that order, lol). Very good skater but admittedly lousy at puck handling in hockey. Trains constantly in martial arts.


Mutant Power: mutant version of a super-soldier, strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, and durability are at the highest limits of natural human potential, enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being. This accounts for many of his extraordinary feats, including bench pressing 1100 pounds and running a mile in little more than a minute.
 Trains constantly and intensively in martial arts, weights and running. Seems to come back to life if killed.

Personality: Relaxed sort, though with a very Sicilian temper  

Psychological Background: pretty relaxed sort, not the one to get easily angry about stuff unless friends or family are in trouble/hurt etc. Gets intense at times, usually related to Joie, cooking or martial arts:)   

Personality Quirks: Curses in Sicilian when mad, only sleeps a couple of hours a night (and spends a lot of time hanging with Bliss). Very much like Gordon Ramsey when cooking.



General Background: Joe was a normal Queens high school kid until his mutant powers kicked in. dated some, but not a huge amount, was a B/C student, played on the hockey team (and spent tons of time in the penalty box) but wasn't a state ranked player etc. Then his ex-girlfriend flirted with him near her huge, steroid juiced boyfriend, who in a juice rage attacked him. Joe somehow found himself doing acrobatic moves to avoid getting pasted all over the floor and accidentally knocked his opponent out. Two teachers arrived the next day and explained what happened and after some discussion, Joe Falcone moved to XI.

Game History: Moved to XI a short time after the discovery of his powers. Was placed in martial arts training under Logan and later Stick and developed a love for the many styles they taught him to use in a fight. After his first month in school, Joe tested his skill at a karate tournament, only to discover his powers made him able to beat those who'd been training for years (he still considers the win shameful since his powers enabled him to beat people who'd trained for many years). Used his powers on the student teams under the name Bushmaster. Left XI for a time to be initiated into Stick's order, a group known as the Chaste, but maintains his refusal to use weapons in combat. Through Stick and Logan has met Daredevil and Captain America, but Joe's hero in martial arts, other than Logan, is the Black Panther.

His recurring foe is the legendary master of combat, Mr.X.  They met in the final found of a mutant fighting competition and Joe lost. He was rescued by Jared and Storm before Mr. X could take his heart as a prize. They met a second time and Joe was losing again, despite having given Mr. X a good fight, when the Maggia run Underground Fight League stadium was infiltrated by Box. DVD's a downloads of their two fights are still top sellers since Joe is the only person to survive a fight with Mr. X, even though he lost both battles. 

Met Joie a short time after returning from Tibet while she was stuck in her tank and spent time with her every day talking and watching movies. When she was able to emerge, they became closer friends and later began dating. His family loves her despite her not being Sicilian. Joie's family likes Joe, with the exception of Johnny Storm, who seems to view him as a danger to his niece. Joie and Joe decided to move in together shortly after she decided to form paX, a new hero team in Manhattan. 

Joe has recently moved out of XI and into the paX townhouse in Manhattan. He changed his codename to Copperhead, the name of a 1930's New York hero that fought crime without super-powers.