Joshua Adams

Real Name: Joshua Adams

Code Name: None yet

Age: 16

H: 6'4" (yep, he's a big one)

W: 308 pounds (A real big one. And not an athlete)

Where he's from: Traverse City, Michigan

Family: Two parents, one older brother, one older sister (both adults)

Power: Josh is a telepath. He can't control people's minds, or use telekinesis (perhaps that will develop later, but for now there's no sign of it). And he needs to be within 50 feet of anyone to read their minds.

He doesn't have much of an ability to filter people out yet- he ends up reading everyone's mind, all of the time (one reason he despises crowds). One side effect of his power is that it's subtle- even other telepaths don't know that he is reading their mind.

Background: Josh grew up in Northern Michigan to a relatively normal family. Oh sure, his sister is currently playing in a punk rock band, but for the most part they are pretty normal. He's a bit of a computer geek, constantly reworking the computer. His grades are great in math and science, not so great everywhere else.

A couple of months ago, Josh noticed that he was reading people's thoughts. At first it was just his family, but he chalked that up to just being around them for all of his life. But when he went to a concert, he was nearly overwhelmed by the thoughts of everyone around him. He nearly fainted, and was brought back to the house due to 'overexertion'. He figured out what happened, and his parents helped find the school.

Only his family and a couple of friends know. The rest all think he is going to a special school for computers. Those in the know have accepted it, and his friends are already plotting getting him on the World Series of Poker and using his powers to win.

He's overweight and out of shape, and the first few months of PT are going to drive him crazy. He'll need encouragement from the teachers and other students ("But I LIKE being lazy! I'm good at it...")

He is friendly, though hates crowds for obvious reasons. He tends to ramble on about various geek subjects (like Ben, only less with movies and more with computer games).

Looks like: Jason from Something Positive, only younger and with glasses.