Name: Jayne Diana Kensington
Codename: Lady J
Age: 17
Place of Birth: London, England
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 114lbs
Physical Condition: Very good. Trim physique due to regular exercise.
Powers: Telekinesis with refined control over materials. She can control a maximum of 300 lbs with moderate control. The smaller the objects within her control, the stronger and more precise the control becomes.

She could control a single object of her weight maximum, or a cloud of objects with mass up to 300lbs, and anything in between.

She likes to carry a bag around with her carrying larger objects to use as missiles. A favorite is a bowling ball she named Brunswick thanks to the company's name engraved on the discarded ball. She also carries marbles, ball bearings, confetti, and other assorted items for her use on a 'utility belt'.

Background: Jayne was born into a distant wing of one of the families in the British Monarchy. She was groomed from early childhood to one day marry into a family higher within the hierarchy. Her father was a liaison for the British military with the American armed forces, so he often was stationed in the US.

Jayne's life was rarely complicated beyond her preparation for life as a lady. She went to school and was an above average student, but her boredom with her future fate kept her from applying herself further than necessary. She did enjoy equestrian training, but even victories in competition satisfied an inner need that she didn't understand.

Then objects began to float about her on their own accord whenever Jayne was upset. Soon enough she began to actually control her newfound ability. That didn't stop her parents from worrying about this new development.

Her deeply concerned parents took her to any number of specialists with mutants, but the only suggestion that seemed to stick with Jayne's assertive father was to have the parts of her removed to nip this development in the bud before word got out that a British Royal was a mutant.

Before large portions of Jayne's brain could be removed in experimental surgery, she was freed from a clinic to escape into the sewers of New York. There she spent months learning about DownBelow from Nate Hellar. He taught her how to survive a new world she didn't understand while she came to grips with the rejection from her parents
of her natural state.

Jayne has much yet to learn about herself and her new power, and her time at XI will be well-spent exploring her potential.