Jean Grey

REAL NAME: Jean Grey
AGE: 30 in Aug.
HEROIC IDENTITY: Marvel Girl (?)
APPEARANCE: reserved, calm

HEIGHT: 5'6"

BUILD: lithe, 115lbs

HAIR: red

EYES: green


UNUSUAL FEATURES (if any) has telepathic and telekinetic abilities, still learning to control what she can do, though she has mastered much.

OCCUPATION: Dr., teacher

PERSONALITY: warm and compassionate as an adult, she was a shy youngster. When she found that she could not control her psychic abilities, she isolated herself to save her sanity. Since going to Xavier’s and mastering her control, she has become more vocal for mutant rights and is more approachable, though she is still introverted.

HISTORY: Saw her best friend killed by a car, the strength of her emotions awakened her latent psychic abilities early. Was deeply depressed and frightened by what her mind was doing. Her parents got her to Professor X’s school where she received training and help in maintaining her sanity and controlling her abilities. She is drawn to Scott because he understands her and seems strong in himself. He seems unaffected by circumstances, but in fact buries his feelings deeply. Jean is also drawn to Logan for his animal magnetism and raw passion, which Scott eschews.