Julie Parish

Real name Julie Parish

Code name Blackout

Height 5'4"

Weight 7 Stone

Hair/eye color jet black hair, totally black eyes

Appearance very pale skin, always dressed in dark or muted colours with some kind of gothic feel to both the clothes and any makeup she happens to be wearing. Often seen wearing t-shirts with tasteless, yet amusing slogans.

Mutant ability: Julie is blind. Her body is filled with darkness, an all pervading impenetrable darkness. It is in her eyes, and if you look hard enough, down her throat. Which makes surgery hard. Still by touch this darkness can pass into others. Their eyes go totally black, which though a cool effect, and sometimes handy at parties, also denies that person sight. The effects can last up to four hours before the darkness dissipates, slowly fading away over time, the last quarter of which light starts to seep slowly and lazily through the gloom. She can bleed the darkness into the air around her. It will totally block out all light, and any light based devices, effecting up to a sixty meter radius around her. She can control this 'darkness', direct and confine it. Out to her maximum range she can control several tendrils of gas form shapes from the dark matter and use them to provide cover, or black out specific people's sight by concentrating a small clouds around specific areas, such as a foes head, as required by the situation. More recently she has been working on focusing the dark matter to a solid. She can get the stuff to coalesce into a pair of thin tentacles that are fairly strong, far stronger than Julie herself, and able to exert a large amount of pressure on a target. She has also recently shown an ability to focus the dark into a barrier a few molecules thick in order to protect herself from harm. She is improving in her use and control of the solid form of the dark matter every day.  While she has the potential to achieve more with the solid form of the darkness, it will take more time and practice before the strength of the tentacles improves further and she can create and control more than two at at time. The dark matter both in gas and solid form always attaches to Julie herself, though she can decide on where she manifests the dark matter from, it always emerges from her body and is connected to it. If she looses concentration the dark matter snaps back into her body, or dissipates into the air. Lastly Julie has one power besides the darkness. Julie can see. To a certain extent. Her human eyes are totally useless, clogged permanently as they are with the darkness. Looking like two empty holes in her head due to the dark matter absorbing nearly all light. In some strange fashion, similar to radar or lidar, Julie can see. However she can see shapes and forms only. Colour, and exact distances are lost to her. She can find her way about but reading, watching TV, and so are impossible for her. One advantage she has however is that the ability works in a sphere around her with a diameter of sixty meters, and is somewhat penetrating. While it means she cannot see beyond that distance even while out in the open air, it does mean she can see though most walls and doors, ceilings, metal sheeting etc. Julie herself puts this down to her constantly secreting tiny particles of darkness, that she can 'sense' enough for her to perform her scans of her surroundings, and enough that she can concentrate the particles to 'see' fine surface detail, yet not enough to block light in a noticeable fashion. She reasons that the particles are small enough to slip through the gaps in solid matter, which is mostly empty space at an atomic level anyway, though because they do have some small mass themselves, otherwise she would be unable to focus them into a solid, gravitational forces in denser materials can slow transition of these particles reducing her 'scan' range through such objects. This is thus far untested, yet given the evidence thus far seems the most plausible theory.

During an incident where Julie's mutant abilities were nullified it was revealed that due to years of dormancy, the muscles controlling her iris's have atrophied, and she cannot control the amount of light entering her eyes. If she ever manages to gain control of the dark to the extent she can remove the shroud from her sight, she will have to re-train the muscles slowly over time to accept light again.

Julie's hearing is very good, and she is also very good at telling who people are from their body shape, their stance, the way they carry themselves. She has adapted well to her powers coupled with her blindness. 

Scholastic capability: Julie is reasonably bright, and had just finished her GCSE exams at sixteen, effectively finishing high school in the UK when she left for the US and Xaviers school. She is far from being a super genius, but she did reasonably well in her exams, and could have gone on to higher education with no problems.

Biography: Julie grew up as the only child of a middle class family in the south coast UK city of Brighton. Her home life was happy and normal enough, until her school was rocked by the news that one of the sixth formers was a mutant. The school was called into assembly and the head teacher told the whole school how it was important to be tolerant of others, and that people should be judged on individual merit. None of which stopped the student in question being hounded from the school, and from the city, by the weight of public opinion. Julie knew however that it could never happen to her, and at least she had not been involved in any of the name calling and bullying... Her exams out of the way, Julie returned just the once to her school, to return all her textbooks. The assembly hall was full of her contemporaries all doing the same thing. Julie was standing there in the middle of the hall, wandering which table to go to first, which one of her old teachers she should face first, when it started happening. It was subtle at first, a darkness at the edge of her vision, crowding in on her. Raised voices around her went beyond notice as things rapidly deteriorated until she was completely blind, plunged into a shroud of total darkness. Julie collapsed into a heap right there on the floor, totally confused. Confusion turned to horror, somehow her sight had been taken from her, and people around her were screaming... Which was odd. She started to become aware of the darkness around her, the sphere of dark that had leaked out of her, she was not sure how she knew about it, but it was there. It was her. She was doing it, she was the reason people were screaming. She had to try to bring this back under control, to regain a normal life, draw it all back inside before everyone started pointing fingers and calling her names...
The humiliation started soon after, and only became worse as the months went on. It was not long before her parents were desperately looking for ways to insulate their daughter from all the abuse. The information pack arrived from Xaviers School for the Gifted about the same time that Julie started to see shapes and outlines. Much deliberation followed, and more than one phone call to the professor himself. It was decided in the end that the best policy would be for the whole family to visit the school, with the professor picking up the tab. The family took the opportunity to turn the whole thing into a holiday. Landing in Florida they took a week in Orlando, doing all the usual touristy things, crawling round the theme parks mostly. Then it was off up to JFK in New York, the plan was for them to take a couple of days in the big apple. To see the sights, then to hire a car and drive to Westchester, stopping off in a couple of places on the way. However on their first night, staying in a motel in Queens the night was shattered, as was the building. One of the giant robot army known as the Sentinel's landed directly on the building. The room Julie's parents were staying in was one of those crushed. Julie herself barely escaped with her life, fleeing into the night wearing only her nightclothes. A cold metallic voice ringing out behind her, 'Mutant Subject Julie Parish Not Found. Unit Returning To Base.'

Julie was picked up a couple of hours later by a scouting party of fellow mutants, Morlocks, outcasts who choose to live in the myriad tunnels and chambers deep beneath the city. Julie spent two years down in those tunnels, learning to live the life of the hunted, the unwanted, the mistrusted. When she was rescued by the X-Men, by accident, two years later she had been deeply scared mentally and physically by her experiences of the last two years.

Xavier Background: Julie has been with the X-Men for well over a couple of years now. She is over her initial bout of sleeping in the basement in a converted store room, and has had room in the girls wing with everyone else. She even shared a room with Dani and Joie for a while. She has spent six months on Muir island learning first aid and paramedic skills from Doctor McTaggert. Julie and Danielle Hunter were for a time business partners on an internet business selling T-Shirts with, mostly, bad taste humorous slogans. They have since sold the business 'Our Fine T-Shirt Company' for an impressive profit increasing both girls personal wealth. She has more recently turned her attention to helping to improve things in the Morlock tunnels, a goal that will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort. She has enlisted two fellow students in this, Dani again, and Dani's paramour David Myers. However with graduation Dani and Dave have moved out the pAX building and Julie may have to continue her Morlock Independence project on her own for a while.

Personal History: Julie has had a string of unsuccessful personal relationships since arriving at Xaviers School, all with other girls, the latest having been with Ruth Duncan. It was shortly after Ruth left both her and the school that Julie took off for Muir. She seems to take it very hard when her affairs fail.

Personality Traits: Julie is still quite insular and introverted due to the months of taunting and abuse when the people in her community found out she was a mutant, her parents deaths and the two years spent living underground. Things are better for her these days, she has friends, a family and a place to live again. She gets on well with a good many people at the mansion and is known for her evil sense of humor. She is known for her directness and honesty, even when the situation doesn't merit it.

Out of Character knowledge: Many details have emerged during the game of Julie's former life among the morlocks. That her morlock name is Drip. That she was a 'Raider' one who roams the surface world looking for supplies for those living in the tunnels. That the Morlocks who first found her were 'Betas' of the 'Talon' gang who held her for two weeks against her will, using her for their own sick amusement and pleasure. That she used Masque's services to remove the scars the Talons left all over her body and owed her a boon for many years.

Just recently it has emerged that Julie's first name is actually Juliet. A fact she had kept concealed from nearly everyone since her arrival at the school.