Real Name: Jared Varenwyck 

Occupation: Student 

Identity: Publicly known as a juvenile offender 

Legal Status: Ward of the state of New York City 

Other Aliases: Kinetic P

lace of Birth: Larimore, North Dakoa 

Marital Status: Single 

Known Relatives: Ellen Varenwyck (Mother), Unknown (Father) 

Group Affiliation: X-Men Base of Operations: Xavier's Institure

Height: 5 ft. 8 in. Weight: 175 pounds. Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Other Distinguishing Features: None

Known Superhuman Powers: Jared's mutation allows his body to take potential energy and covert it to kinetic energy, focusing it on his hands and feet. Any action Jared takes builds up this energy, from walking, swinging his arms, even lifting a spoon to his mouth. His body also can absorb energy and melee attacks, blunting them to a degree and transferring the energy directly to his hands and feet instantly. This energy forms in the form of swirling blue "plasma" around his hands and feet, in a heatless form. When Jared touches anything, this energy is released in a concussive impact, consisting solely of force. This enables him to hit hard, and also to absorb large amounts of punishment. Also, his body reacts under conditions of extreme stress, upping the amount of energy created and storing it in his body as a sort of defense mechanism. His body's fluids, such as sweat and blood, start to convert to pure energy, protecting him from the most massive of trauma.

The major disadvantage to his mutation is that he can never touch anything directly without the risk of "going off." Touching a doorknob to open a door can knock the knob out of the lock. Picking up a cup of coffee will cause it to shatter. Walking down the street barefoot will cause potholes instead of footsteps.

Other Abilities: Jared is a talented runner, with stamina enough to run a marathon in 3-and-a-half to 4 hours.

Weapons / Paraphernalia: Jared's condition has seen Stark Technologies come up with a containment unit for him. Metal gloves and boots cover his hands and feet, and absorb and bleed off energy. The gloves are bulky, but with them, Jared can handle most day-to-day activities. In combat, however, a keycode must be entered to remove the gloves so Jared can defend himself and attack. Ren Levy is working on a small, sleeker containment unit for him, consisting of unstable molecules and a neural system to control energy output.

History: Jared Varenwyck was pure trailer trash. He was born to a truck stop waitress who also served as the mattress for lonely truckers. Sullen, lonely, and standoffish, Jared had very few friends, and was picked on in high school for being poor and a bastard. He took solace in running, the only time he could truly be alone and away from everyone. He grew up to hate intimacy and letting anyone get close to him. This isolation built anger and rage inside of him as well, typical for a teenager.

When his mutation erupted, Jared was confused, but knew he also could take advantage and lash out at society. He did so by robbing several banks in Larimore, almost daring the police to try to stop him. Eventually, the FBI showed up and took him down. Agent Joshua Barnes realized Jared was a mutant, and also knew the Vault was no place for a 14-year old boy angry at the world. So, he contacting Xavier's School for the Gifted, and made a deal with Professor Xavier. Jared would be on house-and-grounds arrest, and be on probation as well, probation to be removed when he graduated.

Jared has chafed ever since arriving at the school. He avoids relationships and friendships, preferring to be alone. This brings a sarcastic nature and loner attitude that drives most away. The mutants at Xavier's, though, have seen it before, and slowly, Jared's admitting the place isn't half bad. Currently, his closest friend is his girlfriend, Shauna Sassi (appropriate, since he can't touch people and she can't be touched). They're building a very slow relationship, and it's letting Jared break down his barriers a bit at a time.

He's also good friends with Joie Richards, Bliss Hawkins, and Dani Hunter. He is roommates with Dave Myers, and Myers' playful, childish nature clashes with Jared's brooding, leading to verbal scuffles between the two.

Secrets: Jared hates being touched, even by Shauna. It's built into him that the only time he got touched as a child was a slap from his mother. He can handle being hugged by Shauna, but that's about it. And even then, he shakes on the inside and has to force himself to not lash out.