Kai Boudreaux

Real name:- Kai Boudreaux

Code name:- CIX


D.O.B: 9/25/1983
Place of Birth: Bayou Garou, Louisiana

Relatives: Mother –Selena (deceased), Father – David (deceased)
Criminal Record: None
Grade: 12th
Ethnic: F
Sex: B
School: Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters

Physical Report
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks: Scar Tissue on the back of her neck that says C-I-X
Overall Physical Condition: Excellent-Because of her father, she is trained in Close Quarters Battle and qualified in several different types of firearms.

Powers: Kai’s powers are negligible at best. She can electrocute, but at it’s strongest, the best she can do is cause a severe burn.

Background: Kai’s powers manifested over a year and a half ago. While coming home from track practice, Kai was jumped by three guys. She broke away and made it to her car, but once she got there it wouldn’t start. One of her attacker’s broke the window and tried to drag her out of the car. A bright spark flew from her fingers and the attacker was thrown back about 10 feet. That is the most powerful her powers have ever manifested. 

Kai’s parents were killed in a fire about six months ago. Her parents had been planning to send her to Xavier’s for her safety, so after they died she fled to Xavier’s. Kai is part of a government experiment to breed mutants. She hopes that they think that she died in the fire with her parents.