Lorcan Dominic Divali

Name:  Lorcan Dominic Divali

Age:  17

Sex: Male

-- Appearance --

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: turquoise

Skin Color: white

Height: 1.87

Build: muscled

Distinguishing Features:  tattoos, scars

Clothes:  jeans, shirts, leather


Lorcan grew up in an orphanage.  The papers there list his parents as Guiseppe Divali and Lisette Divali-Calvin.

Siblings unknown


the first six years of his life Lorcan spent in the orphanage of the sisters of mercy in maine.  He had been left on the doorstep as a baby, a letter was added listing the names of his parents, and his name.  The mother superior tried to trace his parents, without any success.  So they cannot even be sure the names are real, yet it is the only thing he has.

The convent only took care of very young children, so that aged 6 he had to leave.  A very unhappy time started for him.  No foster parents ever wanted to keep him, and they found him creepy.  Lorcan always seemed to guess their mood, and too often said that they were thinking.  Every time he thought he had found and family, after a few months he was sent back.  Finally he gave up opening, and withdrew into a shell.  He also taught himself not to look into people's minds.  So he built a wall around his own abilities, not using them for years.  But by this time he was too old to be interesting for people to adopt.  So he continued to be shuffled around between orphanages.

He did not care much for school, but the boy has a passion for sports, and he is very good in several kinds of them.  Probably good enough to get a college scholarship, several scouts already had an eye on him. Then new foster parents suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The people seemed really nice. But they betrayed Lorcan by taking him to the institute to be ‘helped’

Right now he doesn’t know who to trust or what to make of his abilities. 


keeps to himself, and doesn't trust people easily.  Although he would love to have friends.  Because of his past he never had the opportunity.

Hobbies: soccer, baseball, ice hockey

Powers: mind reading, mind manipulation both of them work usually if he touches people. But he will only get snatches of people’s minds. And the manipulation sometimes works better then other times.