Name:  Lorna Goldstein
Codename: Lorelei
Nicknames:  bandmates call her `G'
Date of Birth:  12-01-83
Age:  17
Place of Birth:  Bronx, NY

Paternal Grandmother:  Ada Goldstein
Maternal Grandparents: 'Nona' and Papa
Father:  Seymour Goldstein
Mother:  Mrs. Goldstein
Maternal Aunt Lorraine, cousin Vinny
Siblings: 0
Occupation: Student

Physical Description

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair: sandy blonde
Eyes: hazel
Distinguishing Features: nose, excellent singing voice

Actor/Actress Model:   Toby Lightman, not a model, a singer.

Hobbies/habits:   Works in various music related activities - a Fri. night band, in the subway during rush hour(s) 3 times a week, and at a coffeehouse on Sats and Suns.   Plays guitar and piano, excellent student, graduated from high school a year early.   While she has a great stage presence and loves to perform, she tends to be introspective rather than outgoing unless she wants something.   She tries not to want too much from people too often. Avid Yankees fan.  Works at Lance Steele's studio sometimes at the mixing board and laying down tracks.

Mutant Power:  psiren.   She tells a person what to do, and he/she does it.

Personality:  a quiet bitch, professional, efficient.    When she's after something she's a fighter.   When she's left alone, she's mellow and happy with her own company.   She's introspective, enjoys people watching but doesn't like to expect too much of others.   If people let her down it's par for the course or her own fault.    Prefers a gritty reality over sunshine dreams.  Lorna can be very kind, but never mistake that for nice.

Psychological Background:   Solid Jewish family, only daughter, used to high expectations.   Lorna doesn't like letting other people down, hates to fail.

Personality Quirks:  when she's on stage she has an engaging personality. She's friendly and not afraid to take charge of a crowd.   But she's well aware that who she is when performing is not who she really is inside, but that's okay because everyone generally has a front of some kind.    Some are more aware of it than others.

History:   Lorna was raised in the Bronx, her mother a music teacher, her father a city administrator.   Her grandmother is as feisty as any grandmother can be, but luckily the old bat doesn't live with the family, she exerts her influence from an assisted living facility.  Lorna takes her to Shabbat services on Fridays when she's not singing with the band.   Hence she sings with her band as often as humanly possible.   Actually, Lorna and her grandmother get along very well, they just don't like to let on.   Her parents just want to see her succeed and be happy.   Lorna is creative, hard-working, and a gifted student, and was the ideal child.   The only thing that could deter her from success in life was her power.

Lorna has had her ability for a few years, was able to tell people what to do and they'd do it.   Her mother let her know that this was not appropriate, and Lorna tried for a long time not to let her powers slip. When she's calm, when she's moving forward and doing what she needs to do, she's fine.  When she's in emotional upheaval, her power sometimes slips without her intention.   Her bandmates are aware that sometimes there's something weird about her, but haven't come out and asked about it, preferring to ignore the problem unless she brings it up.

Not too long ago Lorna fell hard for another student at XI, Nate Hellar.   He seemed very at ease with her, they were going to date, but then  he stopped calling and she could only wonder why.   She started to have episodes with her power being out of control and came to XI for help.  Though the hope of a relationship was a perpetual carrot while they were at the school, one day he vanished.   She sought solace with her band and music, and did learn to manage her power over time.

General Background:  Lorna grew up in the Bronx.   She knows how to fight, she knows how to trash talk, and she tends to come off as confident to the point of being arrogant.   Lorna doesn't like relying on her power over hard work to get what she wants, that's cheating.   She has to feel like she's earned whatever rewards she gets.   Not the hottest chick in school, but very studious, not the friendliest, but practical and occasionally thoughtful.    Tends to feel more at ease with older people than her peers.