Real name:- Logan W Logan

Code name:- Wolverine

Height:- 53"

Weight:- 300 lbs

Hair/eye color:- Black hair, brown eyes


Mutant Ability:- 

Adamantium Skeleton: The bones in Wolverine's body are coated with the strongest metal known to mankind: adamantium. Therefore, he rarely suffers broken bones or the like.

Claws: As per his namesake, Wolverine sports a pair of retractable claws. Like the rest of his skeleton, they too are covered by adamantium. Because of that, they can cut through almost anything.

Regeneration: Wolverine's body heals at an incredibly advanced rate. For example: By the time Logan has finished smoking a cigarette, his body has already healed the damage done. His special healing factor also slows aging and wards off most diseases.

Heightened Senses: A tracking machine, Logan's sense of smell and hearing are well-above human capacity.

Berserker Rage: Though he has gained some control over this condition, Logan still can fly into a unstoppable, savage rage when he is pushed too far.
Scholastic capability:- Teacher of Self Defense and survival classes. Logan also helps out in other classes where necessary.

Biography:- Logan's background is largely a mystery, even to himself. He has memories that stretch back to World War II, however not all that he remembers can be fully trusted. The memories of fighting the Red Skull alongside Captain America have been proven real, however much of his past is in question. The project that landed him with the Adamantium laced skeleton and the claws also implanted a lot of memories deep into Logan, effectively erasing much of his past in the process. We do know that he was in the CIA for a while before the Weapon X program targeted him. Experimented on alongside his former CIA partner Victor Creed, Logan suffered all that Weapon X personnel could throw at him, coming out of it all a bestial snarling mess, one they sought to control. Escaping from the program Logan, still bestial, made his way out into the night, out into the backwoods of Canada. His memories stolen, and his mind on fire. This experience has left him with a tendency to be rather quick of temper.

Xavier Background:- Logan has been with the X-Men since leaving Alpha Flight, a government sponsored Canadian team of super humans. He now teaches, and keeps a close eye on the students. He likes to think he is firm but fair, and most of the time he is right.

Personality Traits:- Logan is not the most outgoing of people, he keeps his own council, maybe a little too much. He can be your staunchest ally and closest friend, or your most deadly enemy. The rage inside him gives him a slight edge that is almost visible, certainly tangible even to those without the benefit of heightened senses.