Marci Boniface

Name:   Marci Boniface
Codename:   Fax
Nicknames:  Peaches
Date of Birth:  09-22-84
Age:  17 +
Place of Birth:  Atlanta, GA
Father:  Tony Boniface
Mother:  Lucille Boniface
Siblings:   older sister - Theresa, 4 years older
Occupation: Student

Physical Description - small frame, very toned, olive skin

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: long dark brown wavy hair
Eyes: chocolate
Distinguishing Features: no scars, she took care of those.  Italian girl
raised in the South.

Actor/Actress Model:  Lacey Chabert

Hobbies/habits:   Shopping, decorating, sunbathing, skinny dipping.   Marci
has a good work ethic and is ambitious and industrious.  Very visually

Mutant Powers - the ability to reproduce images initially.   Has developed
the ability to take a given material and manipulate it - can mend garment
tears and expand and reshape a garment as well as change the color of the
fabric to whatever she chooses.   Can fix scars, but cannot heal deep
wounds.  Was able to create matter for a time, nothing too thick and not
without an energy cost,  but the ability developed under stress and proved
too much for her to handle.

Personality:  outgoing, may not be everybody's best friend but tries to get
along and be mindful of others.   Likes to try new things, not the kind of
girl to stay at home for too long.

Psychological Background:  hates to fail, has been subject to depression
under trying circumstances previously.

Personality Quirks:  Very sexy and not ashamed of it.


History:  Younger sister in a family that was mostly stable, has a couple
skeletons in the closet involving her older sister. Theresa was a drop-dead
gorgeous, wild, popular trouble-maker, and Marci would have at least been
popular if her powers hadn't emerged.   Marci is the saner of the two girls.
Marci had some friends who stuck with her when everyone else became afraid
of her.   When her family's car got egged, she decided to change schools to
spare her folks trouble on her account.

General Background:   Italian, Catholic, middle-class family with mother and
father still happily married.   Sister went to college, got a boyfriend
visiting Boca Raton last year, moved to his NY apartment and became a model
shortly after Marci came to Xaviers.   Marci's family isn't thrilled with
her mutant powers and would rather she didn't show them, but her being a
mutant was still easier on the parents' nerves than her wild party-girl
sister's habits.

Game History:   Marci went out with a couple boys at the school - first
boyfriend was Barry, who lost his mind during a battle and killed several
people.   Marci felt partially responsible for that because she had no idea
Barry would crack like he did.   After that she went with Dairon, one of
Barry's best friends, but though they made good friends, they weren't good
for each other in a relationship.  Marci started dating Joe after that.
They hit it off very well right away and have been dating now for about 6

Special Notes:    Marci was not a strong fighter, but she has gotten some
special tutoring from a lady named Natasha aka The Black Widow, one of Mr.
Logan's friends from Russia.