Pete Jansen

Full name: Pete Jansen 
Code name: No code name yet
Height: 6'0" 
Weight: 175 lbs. 
Age: 16
Hair: Black 
: Blue
Family: 2 Parents, 1 little brother (Ben)
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Dating Status: Single

Power:  Pete is malleable- able to twist and contort his body in any direction (think of Violet at the end of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory).  he can extend his body, but only to about twice it's length, and has no superhuman strength. He's not nearly as powerful as Mr. Fantastic, but his power is along the same lines.

Background: Pete Jansen comes from a pretty normal family- two parents, one younger brother.  He's grown up in Omaha, Nebraska his whole life.  Not the best student, but friendly, outgoing, and popular.  His folks and brother do know about his ability, but that's it.  They're a little concerned, and had some initial freaking out, but have adapted quickly.  Pete's parents knew a friend of a friend (outgoing is a family trait) that led them to contacting Xavier's.   
Personality: Pretty outgoing and friendly. A constant flirt.  

Psychological Background: Relatively normal.  Though rooming with Ben and Devon has brought out a twisted sense of humor, mainly as a survival mechanism

Status:  A student staying at the school.