Ruth Duncan

Real name:- Ruth Duncan

Code name:- Powder



Hair/eye color:-Bald/Green

Appearance:- Ruth lacks normal pigmentation in her skin. The pigmentation she does have is iridescent (She glows in the dark). Under a black light, she appears purple. All hair cells on her body were destroyed when her mutation manifested, making her completely hairless.

Mutant Ability:- Ruth is an electrical ground. She's immune to high frequency energy up to and including lightning bolts. If another person is in physical contact with her, and no other conductive element such as free metal or water, they too are grounded. She also has a high tolerance of heat. Though her skin can burn, it usually will only do so at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees F. What she's not immune to is force. For example, the impact of an electrical current will knock her back even if it won't electrocute her.

It's also theorized that Ruth is energy sensitive. She seems to be able to 'feel' a difference between various frequencies of energy. On a finer level, this allows her a weak psionic ability related to empathy. It is theorized that human emotions correspond with different electrical frequencies in the neural clusters. On some unrefined level, Ruth seems to be able to read that.

It's undetermined if she is capable of manipulating energy at any level.

Scholastic capability- Bright, but lazy. She only does enough not to draw attention to herself. Despite several years as a run away, she is on grade level for her age, suggesting that she's capable of much more.

Biography:- Ruth was a runaway long before her mutation manifested.

She was born to a pair of Christian fundamentalists who took their beliefs to extremes and used them to justify their abuse. As a child she was punished severely for any flaw her parents saw, imaginary or otherwise. That combined with constant ridicule from children her age left her a very depressed child. At age ten, she'd already attempted suicide once and tried to run away twice.

The police were never involved and therefore, never knew of any problems. The Duncan's believed in repairing any and all situations at home

At age twelve, she finally got away.

She was taken in by a kind, eccentric woman named Erica at the other end of her hometown in Biox (pronounced box-e), Louisiana, and hidden for nearly a year. On her thirteenth birthday Ruth was sent north to one of Erica's friends in Ohio, with 1000 dollars in her pocket and a backpack of cloths.

She didn't manifest until two years later, when the truck she was riding in the back of crashed into an electrical pole. The line struck the truck. Those in the cab were safe. Ruth, who hadn't been thrown clear by the accident and was sitting on metal, was also not injured by the current, which surprised the paramedics when they arrived.

The electricity somehow triggered her innate abilities to ground herself and anything she was in contact with. Namely the truck. Fearful that she'd be arrested and sent back to her parents, Ruth managed to slip away into the woods with the help of her friends in the cab. Deep in those woods, Ruth's hair started to fall out.

It would be days before she risked coming out again. Hungry, pale, dirty and bald, she frightened a group of picnic-ers in the next town over. Stubenville Police were dispatched. Ruth ran into the woods again to hide. But hiding isn't very easy for someone who glows in the dark.

Personality Traits:- Distrustful of authority and spirituality. Constantly second guessing herself. Antisocial despite longing for companionship. Lonely. Hides her talents (including an artistic ability) out of fear of ridicule.