Name: Meng ren Leevy
Code name: Void
Nicknames: Ren, Rennie
Date of Birth: November 27
Age: 17
Place of Birth: somewhere in China
Home Town: Bay area, California
Father: Adopted, Hal Leevy. CEO/owner of  Haltek, a small robotics/software company.
Mother: Jessica Leevy, Retired Asian studies professor.
Siblings: none known
Occupation: student
Affiliation:  Team paX
Dating status: In relationship with Dale Madison.

Physical Description:

Hair: black
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5' 1/2"
Weight: 83 lbs
Distinguishing Features: Extremely skinny, looks malnourished.

Actor/Actress Model - none, grabbed an image that works.

Hobbies/Habits: Skateboarding, tinkering with technology Hanging out with Dale, her boyfriend.

Powers: Complete invisibility – sight, sound, smell. Can be picked up on thermals though. The powers are always on, causing Ren’s metabolism to run so high that she needs to eat constantly.

Psychological Background: Her family provided a good, secure upbringing. She was driven to succeed by her father, so there are a few of those child-progeny issues going on, which are further complicated by the fact that she lost her intelligence for a while due to malnutrition. She also has some issues with what she has done while feral, see below.

Personality quirks: Ren’s moods and personality shifts around her nutritional intake. If left unfed, she will be pretty manic and wreak havoc with everything around her. Leave her unfed for long enough and she will go feral and may attack people around her, even resorting to taking bites out of them. When she is feral, she has no higher brain functions. Once fed, however, she will remember what she did during that time. The “eating people” problem works on Ren’s psyche, though she tried to hide it.  She also has a weird reaction to pain.



Ren could skate. She always got big air and could ollie, nollie and kickflip with the best of 'em. Had she been born a decade or two ago, she could have held her own in Dogtown. She was the sickest, but hardly anyone would ever know it.

Meng Ren Leevy could talk big through her board, but in the real world she was invisible, for real. As hard as she tried, the amount of concentration it took to stay visible was incredible. She tried everything, meditation, yoga, Tai chi, drugs... None of it worked.

Ren was born somewhere in China. As a baby the Leevy’s adopted her. The Leevy's had been unable to have children, so they adopted a starving Chinese baby. Ren was convinced that her parents used an Internet naming engine to pick out her name. Her parents claim that they wanted to maintain Ren’s cultural identity. Ren was about as Chinese as pepper steak. Sometime long ago there was some Chinese there, but now she was as American as apple pie.

Actually Ren had very been happy until her disappearance. Her family treated her well, and she never wanted for anything. She had friends, did well in school, and had become a great extreme athlete. She was a child progeny before her disappearance, working on advanced robot design. She'd compete and win in various industry sponsored events. That all changed the day she mutated. Soon she couldn't even remember what day it was. One day she was brushing her teeth and was there in the bathroom mirror, the next she was just gone. Her parents reported her missing. Cops were in and out of the house. Ren even made it to a milk carton. She tried yelling and shouting that she was there, but nobody could here her. She tried leaving notes, but it just seemed to upset her parents. They were convinced that they were some kind of ransom notes and would become hysterical. What made it worse, was she could feel her mind slipping away, too.

Finally after giving up, Ren took off. She had no problem finding food and shelter. She could just go in places without being noticed. She crashed some classes on meditation, and martial arts. She picked up a little fighting skill, but still lacked the focus to concentrate too long. She could make noise when she bumped into things or otherwise caused things to move, but nobody could see her or hear her speak.

She wandered around the country. She on brief occasion met people with abilities that made them able to “see” her. She would hang around for a while, but inevitable people would question the sanity of her new friends, so for the benefit of everyone around, she split. She's seen all kinds of things most kids never see. She's sat in on top secret meetings, went through doors that were marked for authorized personnel only, and she even boarded with the best, though they had no idea she was even there.

She heard about the school, and decided that it might be for her. After all, she is a freak. The worse that could happen is nobody could see her there either. 

After adapting to life at the school, she learned more about herself.  Her metaboliosm that was in constant flux for so long, finally seems to be settling into a more constant state.  Now that she is graduating and moving out, there are new challenges ahead.  She's ready to handle t hem, however, there is so much more that Ren doesn't know about herself yet.

Game History:

Wow, there’s a lot. Ren came to the school a complete mess, and now is fairly pulled together. She is on her second roommate, Bliss; been to alternate dimensions; fought evil students (and took a bite out of one); got a boyfriend; and found her IQ again. She’s cured Joie Richards of being a tar puddle.  She also accidently killed Joe with a battle suit and rubber bullets.  She is still dealing with PMS and low blood sugar issues. And as always, massive destruction!  Now she graduated and is on Team paX.

Baby Ren.