Name: Undisclosed
Date of Birth: 7/26/81
Place of Birth: Caldecott County, Mississippi
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Father: Undisclosed
Mother: Undisclosed
Siblings: 1 Sister, Betty-Ann*
Disclosed to another student, one Grant, Sheila
Foster Mother: Darkholme, Raven, A.K.A Mystique

Powers: Ability to drain a person of essence, i.e. personality, skills, Memories, powers (If applicable) No control is demonstrated over this power, triggered by flesh-to-flesh contact. (NB)
Possesses also superstrength, invulnerability, flight and 7th sense due to permanently absorbing Danvers, Carol, A.K.A. Ms. Marvel.

NB, this lack of control is believed to be psychological in nature although we have been unable to prove this at this point.
Information: Little is known about Rogue before she joined the X-Men. She grew up in Caldecott County with a presumably abusive father, discovering her powers when a boy by the name of Cody Robbins kissed her. She ran away after this, living rough for a while until she was found and taken in by Mystique, a woman who to this day she calls 'Momma.' Mystique trained and continued to bring Rogue up, within the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

She stayed with Mystique until the effects of absorbing Danvers, Carol, became too much. Carol's mind appeared to be taking over and Rogue turned to us for help. She has remained here ever since.

Personality: Rogue is very dependant on those around her, seeking reassurance and approval, like a small child. However, her trust is fairly limited. She trusts only Mystique and Wolverine absolutely, although just recently she has begun to confide and trust in Grant, Sheila, another rather troubled student here who has just returned.

*It has recently been brought to my attention that Rogue has confided more in Sheila than I was originally aware. Further to my knowledge, Rogue and Sheila have adopted each other, as 'sisters' making up for the family neither seem to have.

She is loyal and trustworthy but tends to rouse suspicion in some due to several factors including her relationship with Mystique. She likes to put up a fight on many issues, frustrating many people. She can be over emotional (in Social interaction only, on the battlefield she is very professional.) and is in constant need of physical and emotional intimacy, with equal tendencies to be skittish or shy around new people, crowds, places or circumstances. Contrary to what this may say about her, I believe she has many qualities that would solidify her in a leadership role. She is levelheaded and dependable.

She has several issues that she refuses to talk about and due to the nature of her powers and the chaos they create in her mind, telepathy is near useless on her.

While seemingly little more than a child in some respects, Rogue is also far older than her age in others. She can be quite cynical and eager to be alone as well as insightful and wise in many topics.