Steven Cho

Full name: Steven Cho
Nick name: The Lion Of Zion
Code name: none yet
Hair: black
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China
Home Town: Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Family: Mother: Maggie Cho, Father: Liu Cho, Older sister: Karen Cho,

Younger sister: Mary Cho
Occupation: Selling souvenirs, crewing charter boats, street singing, some "agricultural" work, and student.

Grade: 10
Criminal record: Never caught


Steve's mom and dad immigrated to the British Virgin Islands following a vacation there, from their home in Hong Kong, during the time of British possession. The couple opened up a shop there, selling doo-dads to tourists, and had a son and two daughters. Steve was the middle child, and everything was going pretty well, until there was a fire at a neighbor's house. Steve's dad was killed in that fire as he was helping to rescue the family trapped within. With his mom now running the shop with his sisters full time, Steve started hanging out with an Islander guy, Samson "Barracuda" Tosh, who ran tour boats for snorkelers, with an occasional fishing charter, and such. Steve sold souvenirs to tourists on the Samson's boat, as well as serving as a crewman, and sometimes tour guide to snorkelers and scuba divers.

His powers required an unusual combination of actions to trigger, so he didn't realize he had ability until he was 16 years old. He discovered his power by accident. After spending an hour messing around with his friends out in the sun all day, and imbibing huge amounts of the sacred herbal smokes. He felt oddly energized, and decided to try a midnight swim. He intended to run down to the warm Caribbean water and dive in, but as soon as he started running, the whole world seemed to slide past him in a blur, and he found himself standing on a beach in St Thomas, of the nearby US Virgin Islands. Completely baffled, he decided to run up to the nearby resort hotel for help, and almost immediately found himself running along on top of the water. He panicked and started flailing around, tripped, and tumbled along the sea's surface about half a mile before finally sinking. It took him about 10 minutes before he figured out how to get back running atop the water. His friends were so stoned; they hadn't realized he had been gone.

Realizing he had some kind of odd ability, Steve decided would become the national hero of the BVI. However there really is very little crime on the island of Tortola, so it was several weeks before he had a chance to try. Steve and his buddies were doing street singing for tourists in Road Town, when they noticed that the bank was being robbed. Steve decided he could become a hero by foiling the robbery....on which he kind of screwed the pooch. He zoomed in through the door, clobbered the two robbers (Who were fortunately standing close to each other), and smashed right out the side window of the bank as he tripped, and finally came to a crashing halt right outside his family's souvenir shop. While the local police were trying to figure out what exactly had happened, the crooks got away.


The timing of this incident was fortunate, as The Falcon "Sam Wilson" was making a fact finding/publicity tour of the Caribbean at the time. Steve managed to get some one-on-one time with the hero, following an autograph session. Hearing the boy's story, he was quick to recognize him as a mutant, and referred him to XI.

Description: He is a well-muscled Asian guy with dreadlocks. After the first manifestation of his power, his entire body started to glow a soft blue color when energized, with his eyes glowing the same color intensely. This glow is almost unnoticeable in bright daylight, and he hides this eye-glow, and red stoner-eyes behind dark shades all the time. On his right chest/shoulder area he has a large tattoo of Africa with a picture of a roaring lion head within its boundaries.

Powers: Currently, he can run at speeds of 250 mph, and has the ability with stand the air friction, and impact damage, that goes with moving that fast. He has a heightened metabolism and endurance to keep at that level of exertion for a couple of hours at a time, before needing 15-30 minutes rest. He has enough control to manage road travel, as a vehicle moving at that speed might (So he can follow highways and freeways, but rounding a street block corner at 250 mph would send him tumbling down the street, without making the turn). To make this power work, however, he needs at least 2 hours/day exposure to sunlight (They will find simple UV lights will do in a pinch), and some chemical contained in marijuana.

Personality: He's an Asian Rasta Man. He's as islander as anyone that grew up in the Caribbean can be in action, talk, and spirituality. There is nothing at all subtle about Steve. He loves Reggae, boating, fishing, and diving. The only academic field he has ever shown interest in, aside from being able to identify nearly any kind of sea life found in the Caribbean, is astronomy.