Samantha Clifton

Name : Samantha (Sam) Clifton
Date of Birth : 28/7/92
Age :15
Country of Birth : Great Britain.
Nationality : British.
Parents : Charles Clifton & Emily Clifton.
Siblings : 1 Brother, Thomas. (13)

Appearance: Dark brown, shoulder length hair, brown eyes, slim bordering on skinny, wiry framed. Infectious grin. Small scattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose, made more noticeable in the sun. Moles on body and a scar on the right knee caused by falling in glass during a cross country run during high school.

History : Born to a hard working, working class family, Sam was taught at an early age that grafting got its own rewards. As a child that suffered from hyperactivity however, school was…. Difficult. Eventually they found that high-energy pursuits tended to help keep Sam in control in the classroom. Thus Sam’s direction was focused in ways that expounded a lot of energy. Gymnastics, Cross country running, various types of dancing…It wasn’t until they started her horse riding that her talent came to light. Sam was smitten. The levels of concentration poured into her riding resulted in her parents buying her a pony at a young age. Pony club followed, then small-scale competitions. By the time she was fourteen she was competing in competitions up and down the country and managed to get a placement at the Horse of the Year show, an amazing feat as most of the ponies there cost the other girls parents a small fortune.
Alas… Sam grew. Her favorite childhood pony had to be loaned to a smaller child with legal documentation about the rights of both parties… And Sam’s decision was final as far as it went.

Sam meanwhile gained sponsorship from a well know horse feed producers which enabled her to carry on riding and competing, and she was able to buy another new horse for training with the money she had earned in competition. Several professional stables have made offers of sponsorship and training in the hopes that Sam will be an Olympic hopeful in the future.

The main stumbling point in this plan is the fact that Sam is a mutant. Something she keeps very quiet. Sam absorbs kinetic energy and can release it in the form of a projectile that has the potential to be used in a variety of ways. (This energy always returns to her, hence the name ‘Boomerang.’)

Sam has been sent to Xavier’s in order to gain control of her mutant power though to the world at large she is on a year off, in preparation for turning professional on her eighteenth birthday. During her year at Xavier’s she is going to be training several American horses for clients she has met in the U.K.