Sheila Grant

Name: Sheila Grant
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Description: A 'plain Jane' with reddish brown hair, brown eyes, slightly rounded features, fairly thin, moderate height (5'5") and weight (110 or less), usually wears sweater and jeans or long dresses, could be called 'cute' when she smiles but not `beautiful', has nice legs and a decent singing voice. 

Personality: trying to make up for past mistakes, but scared of committing further ones by accident- feels that she has to be exceptionally careful about everything she says or does. Refuses to fight or argue with others, is slowly finding her place at the institute and trying to be supportive and helpful to the other students, but can only slowly make small efforts to be part of the group. Scared of strangers and uncomfortable in large groups (even of people she knows). Has some undeclared trauma from her months away from the school. Sheila has feelings of guilt and fear over making mistakes, but feels able to be a part of the student body and has started spending time with students individually as well as small groups.

History: Sheila lived in Chicago all her life. Has a fairly large family- 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger brother. Both parents still married (father is doctor, mother is professional hobbyist-pottery). Sheila's older siblings got all the attention of her parents and at school. Sheila is also the least 'attractive' of her sisters, and slightly resents their use of looks & status to get attention. She was pretty much ignored by most people while growing up, and never really tried to 'distinguish' herself from her siblings. Got into a bit of trouble while growing up- dated 'the wrong kind of guys' and hasn't ever really recovered from those types. Mutant powers activated fairly early (just part of puberty, no particular stress) and she quickly realized she could 'copy' other people's appearances... And on one occasion, even 'mutant' powers...
But chose not to use these powers for personal advancement, feeling that it would be a cheat to herself to get ahead based on a lie. Came to the Mutant Academy after having a nasty fight with her eldest sister, after Sheila's most recent boyfriend dumped her for her sister. Sheila nearly transformed into her sister just to break up with him & get revenge (or just sleep with him since he didn't seem to be attracted to her 'enough' as she normally was). She realized she didn't want to do this, and decided to transfer...

She verbally and occasionally physically abused the other students at the school. Sheila left the Xavier Institute after Christmas, and returned home for a few months. She stayed incommunicado, with only a few people from the school knowing or caring where she was. A couple weeks before spring break, she showed up again- a frightened, crying girl who was given a second chance to stay at the school under strict rules and supervision. Over the next two weeks and spring break, she has been supported by most of the students and some of the teachers in her recovery and has become more open and caring than she ever was before.

Mutant Powers:
She once had the twin powers of Shapeshifting and Power Duplication. These powers have disappeared, replaced by Super speed. Sheila now has the ability to speed up her physical reactions to a factor of eight or ten times faster than her normal speed. This allows her to run at 60-75 miles per hour, and sprint up to 90-100 miles per hour. She can also complete simple tasks in one-eighth the time, as well as react to events and take actions faster than almost any teacher at the institute. She has no protection against friction, and no more physical strength or agility than she possessed before- so while she can impart momentum to projectiles, and deliver high impact physical attacks, Sheila cannot support or move any heavier objects in `hyper speed' than she was able to before.

Physical, Mental, Social abilities/talents/skills:
*Average strength and agility for a teenage girl who engages in occasional exercise.
*Slightly above average intelligence, but low willpower
*Decent medical experience (above high school first aid, below doctor)
*Pottery and art related hobbies
*Minor amounts of 'gang style' skills- motorcycle, can shoot and reload a pistol, a tiny bit of 'bitch fighting' and 'knife fighting', some B&E, moving quietly, climbing, running, a little bit of understanding the streets
*Has started to study physics, momentum, and velocity for greater understanding of her abilities. Also has started to study biology and mutant physiology in greater detail, to aid and help other mutants