Name: Shauna Sassi Codename: Quills Age: 15 Height: 5'7" Weight" 140 pounds Eye color: Black Hair: Black.

Description: Head, neck, back, shoulders, back of arms and legs are covered with a coat of sharp quills. Mixed with the quills are stiff black bristle like hair running from black to a dark golden brown. The quills are black with brown to reddish brown tips. Shauna's hair is thick black and silky with many thicker quills and bristle like hairs (actually growing quill sheaths which will eventually provide a much thicker and stronger body covering than she current possesses) The quills cover her back are not as thick as on the head, but new growth indicate eventually most of her body will be covered in a much thicker coat of longer, stronger and more powerful quills. Shauna's face, chest stomach and insides of legs/arms are nearly completely quill free. However very small quills can be found scattered about. Her skin in these exposed areas is thicker than normal human skin and rather soft, much like very fine suede. Other than her quills and sharp chiseled features which betray her Romanian roots, Shauna looks much like a typical human teenage.

Personality: Shauna is a good person, sensitive and eager to help others. She can be slow to open up to others and tends to quiet in larger gatherings. At times she can seem shy or introverted yet other times she can be quite friendly and open. She also can be very forceful and assertive in various situations.



Quills - As she matures her body will become nearly completely covered with quills, except her stomach and chest area. Currently she has quills growing thickly through her hair, down her back right to her waist. Shoulders and part of her upper arms also have quills with shorter stiffer quills along the outside of her arms. The back of her hands are starting to develop quills as well.

She can pluck out quills to throw by hand, or she can charge people and slam them with her body, forcing them against her quill covered body. Another ability Shauna is not yet aware of is she can actually fire off quills from her body at a much greater range and velocity than throwing them by hand.

Jewel craft: Shauna is very good at making necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry items using beads, her own quills and other basic jewelry materials.

Background: Shauna has been very secretive about her background though she freely admits she was born in Romania but moved to live with her brother in New York City. Shauna was very young when she moved to the US.

When she first encountered the X-men and heard about the school it was at a convention for mutants held in Las Vegas. At the time she was living on the streets of New York, selling her jewelry to make just enough money to feed her self and keep her supplied with beads and fishing line to make her jewelry. Learning about a school where she could study and learn about her powers as well as typical school subjects was a dream come true for Shauna. She loved school but when she realized she was a mutant and couldn't hide it anymore, she left her home to live on the streets.

Once part of the school, Shauna slowly started to get to know her fellow students and once more returned to what she loved doing, learning new things. She is quite bright and studious but nothing in her past really prepared her for what it was like living with mutants. Several rather intense encounters with evil mutants left Shauna feeling rather shell shocked, a fact she does her best to hide. However frequent nightmares plague her at night. Fortunately a building romance with one of her fellow students, Jared is providing her with much needed support and stability.