Tangaro J. McGregor

Real name:- Tangaro J. McGregor

Code name:- Duplicatus

Height:- 6'4⅔"

Age:- 16

Weight:- 230lbs

Hair/eye color:- Hair  black, shaved to bald, eyes dark brown.

Appearance:- Tangaro has five fingers and a thumb on each hand, the extra fingers are fully articulate and separate entities, he shaves his head every day maintaining a bald pate.

Mutant Ability:- Duplication - When Tangaro is exposed to excessive heat his body sheds duplicates of himself. These duplicates are almost exact copies of Tangaro, though they are unable to duplicate themselves. Each duplicate however has a level of intelligence slightly below that of Tangaro himself, a loss which increases exponentially as more copies are made. Tangaro himself is not affected by this loss. After about five copies the copies have reached a level where they would certainly qualify as having special needs. Tangaro is able to use any source of heat to cause the duplication, though if exposed to large amounts of heat his body will automatically try to protect him from burning by using said heat to create duplicates.

Duplicates can be re-absorbed at will, though this is a process that requires skin contact and several minutes, and is not at all pleasant to watch. Memories and experiences of duplicates are reconciled and absorbed by Tangaro's own mind as part of the re-absorption process. These memories are as vivid and real as his own.
Tangaro himself hasn't required sleep since his powers manifested, though his duplicates do. He used to have very vivid dreams, and really misses sleeping.

Duplicates, and indeed Tangaro himself are otherwise normal humans, and can be injured as any other human could be. Though injuries to Duplicates only affect Tangaro's memories not his body.

If a Duplicate should be killed there would be a moment of psychic feedback that would likely cause Tangaro himself to loose consciousness as he feels the pain of death in that instant.

Scholastic capability:- Tangaro is a fairly bright student, but is too lazy to really shine. He only really applies himself to subjects that interest and engage him, he finds it very hard if not impossible to apply himself to subjects that bore him.
Biography:- Tangaro's mother is from Barbados, his father from Scotland. Tangaro's father made his fortune on the stock market. He had invested heavily in a small company named Microsoft in the late seventies while he was working on an oil rig in gulf of Mexico in 1979. This was one of a number of long odds investments made during his 'tour' on the rigs, and the only one that really paid off.
When the stock he had started rocketing, he simply bought more, selling those that were doing badly. He was a fairly simple man, and was only really dabbling in something he didn't fully understand with some of his spare cash. He just kept making more and more money from the stock he had, and bought more and more. Work on oil rigs was high risk, long hours, and highly paid. By the time he decided to move on from working on the 'rigs' he had amassed a considerable personal fortune, and a not inconsiderable amount of stock in his personal portfolio. So much so that he was now employing his own investment manager. His days of dabbling randomly were now over. His portfolio diversified and grew substantially, as did his wealth.
At the age of only thirty two he went in for early retirement, with the pension from his oil work, and his stocks and shares alone he could have lived comfortably the rest of his days, but coupled with the considerable funds he had swelling the coffers of his accounts Mr McGreggor was in fact a very eligible bachelor.
One of the first places he visited in his retirement was Barbados, stopping off at the Crane resort for a month. It was here he met the woman who was to become his wife. She was a beautiful young tour guide. They didn't exactly hit it off at first, it certainly wasn't love at first sight, yet something blossomed between them late one night and a year later they were married and living comfortably in a house overlooking Maycock's Bay on the other side of the island.
Their son was born on Barbados, but due to her father's status as a UK national living abroad he had dual citizenship from birth. For the first seven years of his life he lived on the island, he was home schooled and played with the local children. He integrated well, and had many friends, when his parents decided to move back to her father's ancestral home of Scotland it came as a bit of a shock. The family moved to the village of Bunchrew which was just outside of Inverness, and they lived there quite happily for the next three and a half years. During a family holiday to Ontario however it was decided that a change would be nice, and the McGreggors's applied for permanent resident visa's. These went through fairly quickly, given the level of Tangaro's fathers personal wealth, which had increased substantially over the years, and they soon found themselves living in Sarnia Ontario. The family bought a large mansion on the outskirts of town, out in the suburbs Tangaro was enrolled in a local school, and they settled into life living on the US Canadian border. Tangaro's dad took full advantage, making frequent 'business trips' across the border to Port Huron and Detroit. It was around Tangaro's thirteenth birthday when things went wrong. The 'business trips' it turned out were tied in to a string if mistresses he had been seeing and the revelation split the family apart. The fortune was split between Tangaro's parents and his father was forced to move out of the house, and soon after moved to London Ontario. Tangaro stayed with his mother. He saw his father every other weekend, visiting him in London.
Shortly after his sixteenth birthday it happened. Tangaro and some of his friends were camping for the summer everyone was drunk that night and had built a large bonfire in the middle of the camp with firewood provided by the site. The fact that this alone could see them thrown off of the site didn't seem to occur to any of them. Leaping half naked through the flames was certainly not going to do them any further favors with the park rangers.
Tangaro tripped, and fell on the fire.
Girls screamed, guys screamed, a few of his friends leapt to his aid in escaping the flames.
Tangaro jumped out of the fire, then another, and another and a third, finally a fourth and fifth appeared almost at the same time.
One of the girls started screaming again.
Tangaro himself took over a minute to figure out what was going on, there was now five of him, and one of 'him' was relieving himself on one of the tents in full view of everyone.
Then people started muttering 'mutant'.

Tangaro drove himself home that night, all of himself. The realization that he was a mutant had a real sobering effect on him, as did the duplication process itself. It took him three days to understand how to re-absorb his duplicates, a period of time that was hell for himself and his poor mother.

Two weeks later they received a phone call from one Charles Xavier.

Xavier Background:- None as yet.

Personality Traits:- Tangaro is very extrovert, if allowed to be he will be the life and soul of the party, and will certainly attempt to charm his way into the affections of the young ladies also in attendance. He is not fond of his second name, despite it being the name of a Caribbean god of music and fun, and keeps quiet about it, usually claiming his middle name is 'Jeff' after his father.