A Brief History of XI


1)  Extradimensional monster Invasion (N'Gari):  The first class of students are welcomed to XI, and are greeted by a wave of attacking aliens from another dimension.

2)  New York City Trip/Attempted kidnapping of Jackie:  A Pre-Christmas Shopping Trip to New York City ends when someone attempts to kidnap Jackie

3)  Dairon Runs Away/Joie nearly dies:  An arguement between Dairon and Joie over Joie's burgeoning love quadrangle ends with Dairon running away, and Joie nearly dying in a lab accident

4)  Something Wicked This Way Comes - Black Rain fight at Coney Island/Xavier, Storm freed from kidnappers:  The first appearance of the anti-mutant group 'Black Rain', as they kidnap Professor X and Storm.  XI discovers Storm at Coney Island, rescuing her after a battle with Black Rain.  

5)  Muir Island/David Haller/Kevin and Barry switch bodies:  Dairon has been haunted by dreams from Legion, a mutant at Muir Island.  When XI investigates, they discover that Legion has taken over the minds of those at Muir.  The battle ends with Legion in a coma, and Barry and Kevin temporarily switching bodies

6)  Bliss defects from the Frost Academy:  Dairon, after running away, meets with Bliss from the Frost Academy.  Bliss attempts to get Dairon to join her, but instead Dairon and Bliss agree to come to XI instead.  

7)  Beach Party:  A simple beach party attended by the kids (no fighting, but lots of little storylines)

8)  Training Exercises:  Basic training exercises with the kids learning to use their powers

9)  Jackie & Dave Kidnapping/ Norse Underworld Adventure (simultaneous):  two storylines at once.  The kidnappers that tried to grab Jackie in the New York City Trip injure Kevin and do manage to kidnap both Jackie and Dave, leading half the team to rescue them in Delaware.  Meanwhile, the other half of the team is trapped on a bus that has been taken to the Norse Underworld for an epic battle with the Norse Gods.

10) Meet the Hellions (Rave Party):  At a Rave party, the XI Students meet up with students of the Frost Academy, and a rivalry quickly developes between them

11)  Arcade/Murderworld/Discovery that Storm was Mystique:  Another split squad adventure.  Half of the team is kidnapped by Arcade and sent through a dangerous adventure mimicing movies, while the other half of the team discovers that the 'Storm' they recovered at Coney Island has been Mystique the entire time, leading to another fight with Black Rain

12)  Seattle Fight with Brotherhood of Mutants (death of Kai):  In an attempt to find out the truth about Storm/Mystique, the teachers and students at XI attmpt to talk to the Brotherhood of Mutants.  A fight breaks out in Seattle between the groups, and in the battle, Kai Bordeaux is killed.

13)  Hamptons Beach Party:  A few months after Seattle, a party in the Hamptons thrown by Nate Hellar leads to the breakup of Dairon and Bliss and Bliss running away.

14)  Plano/The Road Trip to Texas (freeing the Kin of Kai)..... A Chance Encounter leads the XI students to discover that Kai was part of a secret experiement.  In Plano, Texas, they discover other mutants developed by the same process as Kai, freeing them after an epic battle.

15)  Intoccabile's group:  A group of villains have banded together and are taking out other mutants and heroes.  The XI kids find themselves working with the Frost Acaddemy against this new villain force.

16)  Convention Battle/Philadelphia Fight with Brotherhood of Mutants:  A split squad battle.  A movie convention leads to a major battle.  Meanwhile, in Phialdelphia a battle with the Brotherhood of Mutants end in tragedy as one of the students attacks several civilians during the battle.

17)  Letters:  Bliss, still MIA, communicates with Nate.  But on one of these communications, Nate and several students run into the Taskmaster

18)  San Francisco:  Shay discovers the location of her family, and as the XI gang take her to San Francisco, they are attacked by a villain from the past.

19)  Kai's Return:  A knock on the door from a former XI Student.  Specifically, one killed in a battle not long ago.  The students and teachers are unsure how to explain the return of Kai.

20)  Halloween Ball:  A Halloween Ball at the Hellfire Club leads to a betrayal by the Frost Academy

21)  Morlock Adventure:  Clues to explain Kai's return lead the XI gang to the Morlocks- and Julie's past.

22)  Lost and Found Adventure:  A light puzzle adventure, as the XI students solve puzzles to find the location of their junk

23)  Bommerang:  A mini-adventure with Dave, Josh and Piotr heading to New York and running into a bank robbery lead by Bommerang

24)  Kai's Wedding:  The wedding of a student.  A light adventure before the next set of events.

25)  An Echo From the Past:  A former student runs into the XI crew as they try to recruit a new student, with his own agenda.

26)  Attack on Shay/Josh:  Three mystery men attack Shay (destroying her wings) and plant a bomb at XI, killing Josh

27)  Attack on Joie/Street Battle:  A split squad adventure.  Half of the students are in New York when a battle breaks out.  The other half respond to a call of distress when Joie and her husband are attacked by the same three men.  Joie is nearly destroyed, and the three men (Frost Academy Students Whisper, Eric, and Keith) are stopped.  (Eric is captured, Keith is in the hospital, and Whisper disappeared)

28)  Skiing:  A light-hearted chapter, giving everyone a chance to decompress after the previous battles

29)  NIMROD/Savage Land:  Split squad adventure.  One crew heads to the mall and runs into rampaging NIMROD robots that kidnap Tabitha, discovering that the creator has an unusual plan for the robots.  The other half enter the Savage Land to help out the people there, and a near-tragedy is averted.

30)  Alternate Timeline:  Fiddling with Dr. Allen's robots, Ren, Jared, Dani and Marci get transproted to an alternate Earth, where things aren't quite what they seem...

31)  Atlantic City:  A light adventure with the kids going to Atlantic City and entering a skating competition

32)  Mutant Treatment Center:  The XI Crew runs across a secret lab experimenting with mutants, and shuts it down.

33)  Mutant-Con:  The XI Gang goes to Las Vegas for a Pro-Mutant Convention, which includes a Mutant Fight Club for Joe and Jared

34)  Puzzle Adventure II:  A repeat of the Lost and Found Adventure

35)  Boomtown:  Barry and his crew are in Indianapolis, and the XI gang show up to discover their plans

36)  Time Scoop:  The XI gang search for a new Mutant in New Orleans, and discover an adventure that involved Time Travel and Voodoo.

37)  Wrong place at the Wrong Time:  Some of the XI students happen to come across a foursome of squabbling villains in the middle of a robbery

38)  Dead and Dreaming:  Dave has a dream after eating too much pizza and falls asleep to wake up in "Dawn of the Dead"

39)  Mutant Treatment Center 2:  An old student brings information about another mutant treatment center, bringing new students into the fold- one of whom has powers that puts himself and others at risk.

40) Freshmen- several new students enter, one who has a power that causes problems in the group.

41) Torn- A love triangle between three students explode (aka the Dave-Dani-Bliss combination).

42) It seemed like a good idea at the time... - Ren builds a robot that goes haywire, putting one of the students in a lethal situation.

43) Robot Aftermath- The fallout from the robot leads to some consequences. Plus, two students go on an undertaking in Morlock territory.

44) Don't Scream - Whisper comes back to the school to speak to Ren, with some unexpected results.  Half of the school go to a Fish Market, where visitors decide to cause havoc.

45) Saving the citizen- an exercise in teamwork among the students.

46) Jasper- the students head to Jasper, Indiana, to see an old student- and a former nemesis from the past. They find both in an abandoned town.

47) Jasper, part 2- while talking with Barry and Rebecca, the students have another 'visitor'- a Sentinel, sent to destroy everyone.

48) Hide and Seek- on of the students is kidnapped, leading to a 'game' with several students.

49) Fight Club- the game leads to an underground fight club, with two students thrown in the ring.

50) Ode to Spring- A musical thread. Several Sentinels attack the students, causing people to breakout into song.

51) It's a Small World- A trip to Disneyland leads to an attack by AIM.

52) Whisper 'n' Quills- Shauna has family troubles and an unexpected rescuer.

53) 65th Annual Halloween party- the students exchange ghost stories.

54) Manhattan troubles- Nate is being hunted down, and the students search for the person who put the hit on him.

55) Fluffy- Joie's robot provides a challenge for several students.

56) Into the City- Lorna get an invite to see a concert from an old friend.


Old, detailed timeline.