The Mansion


C = Classroom

O = Office

f = Female Dorm Room

m = Male Dorm Room

A = Maintenance / Cleaning

W = Operations / Training

S = Briefing Room

B = Bathroom

X = Other

Level 1

C1 = IT Room

C2 = Classroom A

C3 = Classroom B

C4 = Music Room

C5 = Science Classroom

C6 = Open Access IT

O1 = Professor Xavier's Office

O2 = Scott Summer's Office

O3 = Jean Grey's Office

O4 = Sophia Masterson's Office

Level 2

O5 = Unoccupied Office

O6 = Unoccupied Office

O7 = Ororo Munroe's Office

O8 = Madison Jeffries's Office

O9 = Kurt Wagner's Office

O10 = Remy LeBeau's Office

O11 = Logan W Logan's Office

A1 = Security Control Room

A2 = Laundry Room

A3 = Cleaning Cupboard

A4 = Stores

f1 = The Devious Damsels! (Sam / Jayne / Valentina)

f2 = The Deviant Damsels! (Joie / Dani / Julie)

f3 = Marci / Kai

f4 = Shauna

f5 = Lorna

f6 = Unoccupied

f7 = Unoccupied

f8 = Bliss / Ren

Level 3

A5 = Bedding Store

A6 = Linen Room

m1 = Joe / Lorcan

m2 = Unoccupied

m3 = Nate

m4 = Unoccupied

m5 = Unoccupied

m6 = Deacon / Dale

m7 = The Three Stooges! (Beny, Devony and Petey)

m8 = Unoccupied

m9 = Bastard Central! (Dave / Jared)

Level 4

T1 = Unoccupied

T2 = Kurt Wagner's Room

T3 = Scott Summers' room

T4 = Madison Jeffries's Room

T5 = Remy LeBeau's Room

T6 = Logan W Logan's Room

T7 = Unoccupied

T8 = Sofia Masterson's Room

T9 = Jean Grey's Room

T10 = Unoccupied

T11 = Unoccupied


T12 = Ororo Monroe

Basement Level 1

A7 = Elevator winch room

S1 = Briefing Room

W1 = Sub Armory

W2 = Male Changing room

W3 = Female Changing room

Basement Level 2

A8 = Mainframe, Servers, Phone junction, Dual 10mb Fibreoptic backbone, firewall...

W4 = Female Lockers

W5 = Male Lockers

Basement Level 3

Mansion maps cheerfully ripped off from a game webmaster was previously involved with Team X-Man. However maps seriously re-tooled since that time. Changes include, but are not limited to... Inclusion of bathrooms, so X-Men have somewhere to relieve themselves; winch room for elevators, so X-Men have lifts that actually work; stairs to all surface levels, so X-Men can evacuate the place in case of fire; a lab, so scientific minded X-Men can play with chemicals and strange technology; an attic so the mansion has a roof; generators, so power in uninterrupted. A copy of the site from the original game is reproduced here for your viewing pleasure.