Sofia Masterson

Name: Sofia Masterson

Age:  27

Sex: female


Hair: black

Eyes: Blue
Skin Color: white
Height: 1.78
Build: athletic
Distinguishing Features:  a slight limp
Clothes: when working casual, off-duty a lot of leather


parents deceased when she was small.  She doesn't know if she has any siblings.

Husband deceased

Pets:  a cat Tobias


Sofia knows very little about where she came from, she knew she was adopted at the very early age.  Her foster parents lived in a remote part of Alaska, so she was not acquainted with many people growing up.  They never told her any thing about her real parents, only that they were dead.

She grew up a very quiet child who liked to study.  In Alaska she attended a very small school but did well there.  At the age of 17 she left home to go to the University.  Her parents seemed very frightened to let her go.  There had been a few incidents when she was growing up, but Sofia didn't know she was different.

At University she decided to study both English and history, subjects she liked very much.  After two years she met a young man, and assistant professor Felix Roberts, they fell in love.  It Sofia married him a year later when she was only 20 and he was 27.  Felix had told her he was a mutant, and it was the first she heard of their existence.  He had realised quickly that she was as well.  For her it was a great shock and that first she did not want to accept it.  During the summer holidays they returned to Alaska to learn more from her foster parents.  But they didn't want to tell any thing, and they were against her marriage to Felix.  Going so far as not wanting to see her as long as she was with him.

The first year of her marriage was very difficult, the loss of her home and parents hit her hard and she was finishing her studies.  A new studies had started, Felix teaching her how to handle her gift.

After her graduation they settled down, both found jobs as teachers and were happy.  Until 2 years ago when something attacked them.  Felix was able to save Sofia's life, but he was killed himself.  She was so distraught that she ended up in a mental hospital for a while.

Her parents hearing about what happened collected her and took her back to Alaska to heal.  The subject of Felix never came up.  Only now is she ready to leave her safe home and take a position at the Xavier school.  Of course she has not told her family what kind of school is.


very quiet and a little shy.  Sofia doesn't like to talk about the past, and she has trouble with her gift as well mainly because her parents have so many problems with it, and she feels that being different is what killed Felix.

Car:  VW beetle

Occupation: English and history teacher , her gift is healing but is basically rogue as she had very little training in it and no medical knowledge. She has had very little mutant training.