Mansion Graphical Tour



A view of classroom A showing the teachers station.
Information Technology Classroom
The rear of the library, showing the small open access IT area located there, a reading area, and one of the many book stacks.
The games room, featuring a pool table; an air hockey table ; two arcade games (classic 1942 and a Neo Geo multi pod) and a chess table among others.
The school gymnasium.
One of many bathrooms throughout the building. All include a WC, a bath, a basin and a shower. Individual bathrooms can have other conveniences such as bidet's and whirlpool baths.

Xavier's school bathroom. Contents may vary.

One of the spare rooms. Ready for either a new student, or simply a guest.
The room of student Joie Richards
The room shared by students Kai and Jackie.
Shay and Dani share the room depicted here.
Several of the teachers have kindly agreed to allow photographs of their living spaces to appear here. This first is the room of Miss Katherine Pryde
Mr. Logan's room is a quiet place of contemplation and reflection. Unless you make the mistake of not taking off your shoes on the way in...
The bedroom of Scott Summers and Jean Grey another two of our teachers
The main ward in the medical center.
Dr. McCoy's lab takes up the next three images.
The main server room (room A8).


The pool while not a part of the mansion directly backs right onto it, and so deserves a mention here.

Cabin Graphical Tour

The cabin is found at the end of a woodland trail, right on the shore of the great lake.
Take a seat by the fireside in the comfortably furnished lounge.
A view of the front door, the stairs up to the second floor, and a student favorite, the pool table.
The Kitchen, usually kept well stocked with all kinds of Logan's favorite unhealthy foods. (And thus another student favorite)
One of the three bedrooms.
The very well appointed master bedroom.
The smallest third bedroom.


Stables Graphical Tour

The main stable block
Rearmost portion of the stables.
Inside the main stable block looking out towards the main doors.
The indoor arena.
The outside arena.
The tack room.
Ven, one of the horses kept at Xaviers Stables
Sankari, another inhabitant of the stable block.

Ororo's Japenese Water Garden Graphical Tour

(In game the water garden is still under construction, however it will look like the following images)

Pagoda and pond
A grove that leads down to the pagoda
Traditional Zen garden surrounded by hedge wall
Walkway over the pond
The weir that is used to feed the pond from the main lake